County Workers face cuts

Here is my theory. Lou Magazzu knew damn well that the county would be facing an $8 Million budget deficit last year when he recklessly increased spending and promised a bogus tax cut, “Irresponsibly (that is his word) dipping into the surplus to help cook the numbers as he was running for reelection.

So his plans on fixing the problem now revolve around hurting the small guy – he wants to force all of the low-paid county workers into furloughs while REFUSING to consider eliminating the perks and healthcare benefits given to political appointees and part-time no-show employees that enjoy unnecessary jobs solely because of their political support.

Lou loves to go on and on about how he demanded that every county department reduce their budget by 5%. How fiscally prudent he is! of course this mandate does not apply to himself or his fellow Freeholders – they gave themselves an 82% INCREASE last year.

County salaries increased from $28,832,599 in 2004 to $44,404,482 in 2009 – how many of those were to political cronies? MagazzuWatch is still digging – and we will out every one that we discover. How many people in the county now have 6-figure salaries? Why not demand that  they take a pay cut? how many people have the prefix “Assistant” next to their title? Get rid of them – if the person running the works is so incapable that they need an assistant earning over $75,000 a year to clean up their mess – hire someone that will actually do the job.

The problem we face is that Lou Magazzu has been so entrenched in politics and has never had real-life experience in the private sector – working in businesses that did not feed from the public trough – that he has no clue how a real business would handle management. It is time for Lou to step aside and allow the people on the Freeholder Board that do have real business experience to take the reigns and make some real decisions. The first decision must be to get Lou’s hand out of the county cookie jar. We cannot afford it!


One Response to County Workers face cuts

  1. jamesrsauro says:

    Lou knew the situation before the election. The unions help vote him back in. Just look at the money they donated. Now they have to deal with it. The county is in this position because of very bad decisions and very very poor leadership. He said I was a terrible freeholder, well he makes me look absolutely fantastic compare to his decisions. You haven’t seen anything yet. I give the CCIA two years if that before it is run into the ground. Now he’ll try to get Tom Shepard to bail him out and if it doesn’t happened he’ll try to blame him. He’s being very nice to Tom. Trying to suck him in and be his friend. Will Tom buy it. I hope not. We’ll see. Lou’s decisions along with the bobble heads have caused this problem and the unions and the county tax payers are going to foot the bill for all of this. They blow it we pay for it.

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