Is Lou finally listening to reason? The News of Cumberland County reported the following:

Cutting health benefits for part-time employees has been suggested as one way to make up for the shortfall.
Magazzu, in an earlier report, said he did not feel that cutting benefits for 35 part-time county employees that work 20 hours or more would make a difference in addressing the benefit.
Those employees include members of the county freeholder board, according to sources.
Magazzu said Tuesday he is now willing to look into the idea.
“It’s fair to say that we should look at everything,” he said.
With health benefits costing the county between $7,000 for a single person to up to $23,000 for a family, the county will save less than $1 million if it cuts all health benefits for part-time workers.

The last time I took math, $1 million was 25% of $4 million, Lou’s low-ball figure of the budget shortfall.  If you use the $8 million figure – it is still more than 12%. Substantial savings in anybody’s book. if you can cut one item and make a more than 10% difference, you would be irresponsible not to consider it.

I just did 10% of Lou’s work! All he has to do is find nine more areas to cut at a similar savings to the taxpayers and this crisis is now manageable. I wonder if Lou will call me and thank me for my insight and assistance.


2 Responses to

  1. oinkforfreedom says:

    ..when HELL FREEZES OVER…than you will be thanked!!

  2. This is crazy I believe if you take it away from constitutional officers then take it away from judges. If constitutional officers already have health insurance already then they don’t need it. But if they don’t then that should be part of there package. I believe Lou is just singling out Gloria shame on you Lou.

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