Master Deceiver, or Lord of the Flies?

This letter will be in the paper edition of the News of Cumberland County tomorrow morning:

Magazzu is a master deceiver

To the Editor:

Shame on Lou Magazzu for not telling the voters the true state of the county budget while he was running for re-election.

Five years prior to the current campaign, he was responsible for tax increases averaging 15 percent a year. Low and behold, the year that he is running, he raids the surplus and holds taxes steady to artificially balance the budget.

Only weeks after his successful re-election, he discloses an $8 million budget deficit.

I commend him for his ability to fool the voters during an election year, knowing that by the time he runs again three years from now, all will be forgotten.

Magazzu is a master politician, as he can trick and deceive voters like no other, while he smiles and shakes their hands.

James Swift


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