Throwing Todd Edwards under the bus

Did anyone catch this in today’s Ben column?

What a surprise.
Another example of me working to pay for Todd Edwards’ health insurance and the man doesn’t even attend the Cumberland County Utilities Authority meetings.
But, he takes our money, and we pay for his insurance.
Of course, no one but the newspaper even cares.
So, thank you for good reporting. You are doing your job.
We vote and vote and vote, but there is always a new crop of lazy deadbeats that know the right people.
They freeload off the working people year after year, decade after decade and the ‘leaders’ play dumb and look the other way.
— working for others

The CCUA has always been where old politicians go to retire.
But, up until now, at least they attended the meetings.
And Todd Edwards is not old and also has not been a public servant.
The one time he ran, he lost.
We don’t even know why he’s on the authority.

Why us he on the Authority? Todd is Bridgeton City Democratic Organization chair, and is there because Lou Magazzu made it so. If you are a “good boy” (drug possession charges aside) Lou will reward you.

But now that Lou’s failure to perform his duties as Freeholder and as liaison to the CCUA have embarrassed him, he will throw Edwards under the bus. However, also at fault is Nancy Sungenis, chair of the CCUA. As chair, she has the responsibility to bring these grievous infractions to the attention of the powers that be. Sungenis should resign that seat immediately and give it to a person that is willing to actually do the job. Sher certainly can’t be in that position because she needs the insurance!


One Response to Throwing Todd Edwards under the bus

  1. WuLi says:

    A trusted inside source emailed me this afternoon with the following:

    Nancy (Sungenis) had spoken to Lou about Todd not attending meetings. She also spoke to him about Don Olbrich only making half the meetings in 2008. She was very concerned about the poor attendance of certain commissioners. She takes her duties as chair very seriously. This all took place in late ’08. She had a spread sheet made of all the commissioners’ attendance and gave it to Lou.

    Lou told Todd to not attend the meetings until his legal issues were resolved.

    Sungenis might taker her responsibilities seriously, but not seriously enough. She has a responsibility to the taxpayers to ensure that people are not being paid for no-show jobs.

    In fact, her silence to anyone but Lou about this can be taken as complicity in the illegal act of allowing no-show patronage jobs. After Lou adamantly refused to take action, Nancy had a duty and a responsibility to go public with this information, or at least to report it to the attorney general.

    It seems her sense of duty to the Cumberland County Democratic Organization to protect it’s political cronies surpasses her sense of public duty.

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