The Magazzu – CCUA scandal keeps rearing its ugly head

An issue that was brought up before the election is the benefits paid to board members of the Cumberland County Utilities Authority. Even more disturbing are the board members collecting these benefits but failing to show up for meetings. And today the story gets uglier. The News of Cumberland County reports the increases in hookup fees and monthly sewerage fees.

New residents purchasing a home in Fairfield Township will pay $200 more in sewage hook-up fees after Jan. 1 of next year, according to township Committeeman Patrick Conahey.

That’s in addition to monthly sewage fees, all of which are collected by the Cumberland County Utilities Authority.

“People think they’re paying the township this money. Maybe if people understood that the CCUA is the group that makes them pay this money, they would be more upset over how that money was being spent,” Conahey said Thursday, referring to the $3,500 annual salary and health benefits that nine county freeholder-appointed CCUA commissioners are eligible to receive for their part-time positions.

So while Todd Edwards takes home $3500 a year plus over $20,000 in health benefits for not attending meetings, residents of Cumberland County, already strapped with insane property taxes are seeing their sewerage bills skyrocket also.

The interesting thing about Todd Edwards – and also Don Olbric’s – attendance of CCUA meetings is that this is not anything new to The News. Jenn Swift informed me late last night that trhe Independent Candidates did bring this matter to the attention of the press prior to the election.

During our interviews with the Daily Journal and The Bridgeton News, we spoke candidly about Todd Edwards and Don Ohlbrich’s attendance at CCUA meetings.  We told Matt Dunn and Matt Gray about Todd’s arrest and his work in the GOTV for Lou.

Matt Dunn was shocked that they were actually paid and with benefits and took a picture of my chart showing their attendance and pay/benefits. The strange thing is that they chose to ignore the issue during the election and endorsed Lou anyway.

Now they are taking credit for investigating it.  On the other hand, the Daily Journal was not the least bit interested in it.

So, besides Magazzu Watch making Todd Edward’s attendance – or lack thereof, an issue the local media knew damned well this fraud and abuse was happening. The press also knew that Lou was liaison to the CCUA, and this fraud was happening directly under his watch. The local media knew of his failure to address this issue and made a decision to withold this information from the public until after the election. They then chose to endorse the man directly responsible for ensuring that this waster and fraud does not happen.

At least The News is making an effort to bring this issue to the public now. The Daily Journal is so biased I don’t believe that you can trust any word they print when it comes to local politics. When a local leader allows and even condones a patronage no-show job – one of my insiders claims that Lou is the one that told Edwards to lay low and not attend the board meetings until his legal problems were resolved – this is news. There are people in prison right now for doing the same thing.

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