Swearing in Lou

Last week the Daily Journal ran an in-depth article about the $4000 party for the new solar panel generating array in Vineland. The tab of course is picked up by the ratepayers. The cost was justified as being only five cents per customer over the next 20 years. Many customers are outraged, and it is not necessarily about the five cents.

In my opinion, people that are laid off and looking for work are a little miffed about the city’s splurging their money on a party that was by invitation only. Did you know that there are 3,000 houses in foreclosure in Cumberland County right now? How many of these people losing their homes are happy at this excess at their expense, no matter how trivial?

Oh, the first name on the guest list for this shin-dig was Lou Magazzu. We will be watching Lou’s inauguration in 2010. The inauguration used to be a simple affair at the county courthouse, and the political parties paid expenses. Under Lou Magazzu however, he made sure the taxpayers footed the bill, and made sure the event was a grand affair.

Last year’s inauguration cost somewhere around $5,000. for set-up and refreshments. And you don’t see a savings in your electric bill as a result of this unreasonable expense. We are watching, and will report the total amount of money Lou soaks you, the taxpayers, for in his little party.


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