The Veteran’s Chapel and the inside deal

A friend sent me the following:

The bids to build the veteran’s chapel in Hopewell will be opened Jan 13th.  This was supposed to be a free chapel in return for giving up 5 acres of county land to Scott Burney(KBA architects and Ed Salmon’s son in law). He got the contract to design the chapel for $68,000 even though he was not the lowest bidder.  It was ruled illegal to give the land away, so it was put out to bid and no one met the minimum bid.  The Freeholders rebid it with the stipulation that they could accept a lower bid, but no bids were received (it was election time !)   So, now the chapel is designed and bids will be received to build it.  Some think the project will be cancelled because the real reason was just to get money to Burnley and that has been accomplished with the design fees.  This is the second time the bids have been received.  The other time, they were rejected even though they were under the $1 million anticipated.  And now the other question remains….how to get the 5 acres to Burnley, who needs it for his Duch Neck Village housing project.  Stay tuned.


One Response to The Veteran’s Chapel and the inside deal

  1. vineland voter says:

    i dont think the land is in their scopes, it’s the infastructure they want for their housing project. why pay for sewer & water mains when the county can foot a chunk of the bill by extending it to the chapel & much closer to their property. running these lines can be up to 6 figures in cost depending on their length. its just my theory as i was considering how a little chapel could cost a million dollars.

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