CCUA health benefits

I just learned this about the CCUA health benefits plan that the board members and appointees get – apparently there is no cost tot he board member for the insurance. It is the  State Benefits plan with $10 doctor visits., and $3 & $7 prescriptions.  Much Better than county employees get. It is probably much better than you get, too.

Now one question. Why is Jim Quinn, a Millville resident as well as a Millville politician, on that board? Why is a representative from a city that does not participate in the CCUA making decisions that impact other communities? Was he appointed after losing his last bid for reelection as freeholder?  Was this just another case of the booby-prize being awarded to a loser in an election?

People wonder why our taxes are sky-high. They wonder why the county is in such bad fiscal shape, with a $4-8 million shortfall this year. Could it be that politics plays way to large a role in public appointments? Politicians, such as Lou Magazzu, take care of their own and you, the taxpayer, have an empty wallet to show for it.


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