County gives TRIAD almost $79,000

This appeared in the News of Cumberland County today:

Cumberland County freeholders awarded a $78,781 contract Dec. 10 to Vineland consulting firm Triad Associates Inc. to provide “consulting services” for the county’s 2010-2020 Plan.

A resolution awarding the contract was not on the agenda for the county freeholder meeting, but was brought to the table at the meeting.

First, an observation: this was not on the agenda and was brought to table during the meeting.  Was this a last-minute thing? An afterthought? Did any serious debate occur before coming to this decision? This seems to be a favorite tactic of Magazzu – to surprise everybody involved at the last-minute with a proposal that is not on the agenda.

Question: were there any proposals floated for this project? Was there ever an RFP? Did it ever go out to bid? Lou Magazzu insisted two years ago that nothing of this nature was ever done without an RFP!

I find it interesting that TRIAD is one of the donors to Lou’s failed NACo campaign this past year. If there is one common thread in Lou’s administration, it seems very rare indeed to find any company that was awarded a county contract that did not at least make a token contribution to him or one of his campaigns.


3 Responses to County gives TRIAD almost $79,000

  1. oinkforfreedom says:

    Its pay to play my friend. Pure and simple

  2. jamesrsauro says:

    AAAAHHHH The obvious. Pocket resolutions. This is something I did not like when I was on the Board. Believe me they have given more than the 1,250.00 to Lou’s NACO scheme. If this was last minute than this is irresponsible. But are we surprised. I’m not. Are you?

  3. vineland voter says:

    interesting how salmon ventures web site has a page dedicated to triad associates, also a page for kba architects; his son-in-laws firm who did the drawings for the new chapel.

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