Paybacks – keeping it all in the family

There was an item in the Daily Journal today regarding the attempt to consolidate insurance county-wide, ostensibly in an attempt to save money. I am all in favor of consolidation of services when it makes fiscal sense. However, I am not in favor of dictatorial usurpation of authority of other governing bodies. And I am totally against political favors being used to pay back cronies.

I don’t have any evidence that this move by the freeholder board, working under the puppet strings of the master puppeteer Lou Magazzu is a move to push even more money the way of George Norcross. However, this sentence near the end of this article might go unnoticed by the general public:

The freeholders unanimously selected Conner Strong Companies Inc. to provide the county’s health benefits for 2010 at the meeting.

involved in selecting Conner String as the county’s agent. Was this an open bid process, or was it purely political payback? This website has long cautioned that the corrupt Camden County Norcross Machine has been wrapping its tentacles around Cumberland County. Lou has been a willing co-conspirator.

This website has exposed the huge influx of Camden political money to the Magazzu juggernaut. And now the freeholder puppets have voted unanimously to pump more money to the Camden county machine by using Conner Strong, whose headquarters are in Camden County. The chair of Conner Strong is no other than George E. Norcross.

Is there no insurance agency in Cumberland County that can handle this task? Why is it necessary for this administration to continually select Camden County and Hudson County entities for local political work? Our money, whenever possible, should be kept in our county.

8 Responses to Paybacks – keeping it all in the family

  1. Matt Dunn says:

    They were actually hired in 2008. Their contract was set to expire in 2009 but the freeholders voted to extend it to 2010.

    Matt Dunn

  2. Ronin says:

    And according to you, Matt, there were no Union Heads at Monday’s meeting and I counted two? Don’t let facts get in the way of your stories, Matt.

  3. Matt Dunn says:

    I only print lies when I write about Union Heads and Parrot Heads … but thank you for reading.

    Matt Dunn

  4. GoGoCumCo says:

    Well I think that about covers it Matt. Union Heads….yeah, I can see that in some situations with some of them. And Parrot Heads….yeah, we’ve got those too…On the Freeholder Board!

  5. Ronin says:

    Who said I read your articles? I was lining a cage and noticed the error?

  6. Ronin says:

    Besides, I didn’t suggest lies. I just want accurate reporting. We have politicians for lies. I mistakenly count on the “media” to report events… as accurately as possible. I will not make the same mistake though.

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