Furlough the Freeholders

There was an interesting item in Ben today:

Do the unions in the county have to give up their raises if they agree to furloughs?
Who has the numbers?
Not the taxpayers.
Don’t the taxpayers deserve to have the numbers now?
Not the deficit numbers.
Why can’t the county tell us how much it can save by all county workers taking two weeks of furlough?
How many county workers are there, anyway?
Is this secret information?
Can we save all $4 million with two weeks of furloughs?
Can we save $8 million?
How much is the county payroll?
The taxpayer should be given this information, even if it doesn’t come to pass.
Each freeholder can take two weeks off, too. They can turn their department over to the other six freeholders.

Here is my solution. Let  six freeholders take a one-year furlough. After all, Lou makes all of their decisions for them, and not one of them has an original thought. Hopefully with Tom Sheppard coming in this year we will see one dissenting vote. it won’t change the county one iota – lou’s majority will still rule. But at least we will have something positive to write about here.


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