Happy New Year from all of us at Magazzu Watch

First of all I have to thank the mysterious Haystacks Calhoun for his impeccable taste and generosity. I received an email from him last week hinting that I would be receiving something on my doorstep soon. Imagine my surprise when I opened the door and a young couple claiming to be representing Mr. Calhoun delivered this wonderful gift.

Those that know me, know my penchant for fine single malts. However, in my humble opinion, nothing in the world at all beats a fine blended Irish Whiskey. And there is nothing more Protestant than Bushmills. If I had any sort of money, I would have Black Bush in my liquor cabinet all of the time. As it is , I settle for Jameson’s, a fine sip in itself.

So, all of this work behind the scenes, writing and managing Magazzu Watch has not been in vain. True, the filthy maggot is still in office – for the time being. But it is good to know that there are friends out there that support the cause.

Haystacks – if you are free tonight and reading this, feel free to drop by for New Years Eve,  Liz and I are having a low-keyed party, and you will be amongst friends. And I can assure you that your very generous gift will be put to good use.


One Response to Happy New Year from all of us at Magazzu Watch

  1. Calhoun says:

    Glad you like the gift. Sorry I can’t make it tonight. It was a bit of chore getting it to you. Last weekend I tried to mail it at the post office and the Nazis there said that they will not deliver spirits. Thus, I had to resort to dipping into Millville’s street urchin population to drop off the gift. This worried me a bit as I thought those two might run off and drink it, especially the bushy-, red-haired Irish boy. I am Irish myself and can attest that the Irish make for very unreliable couriers of Irish whiskey. Happy New Year MWatch!

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