Wrapping up the year

Lou Magazzu wraps up the year by tying up all of his loose ends. A friend’s email offers the following insights.

The CCIA Goes Down

With the addition of Jose Velez to the CCIA board and the hiring of Don Rainear to replace Steve Wymbs, the band of thieves is assembled.  (This includes Al Kelly, who pretends to not be involved, but is).

Don Rainear (brother of the incompetent county surrogate) was let go from the Delaware River and Bay Authority and given a job at the Bridgeton DMV to satisy him.  Now that the R’s are in charge of appointing that position, Lou had to find another cushy spot for Don.  And so… the Strathmere resident will receive a very greedy $130,000 as he works diligently to give  the authority over to Norcross and Sweeney (his very, very good friends).

When I think back over the improvements and quality performance of the CCIA, it’s really sad to see this day.  None of the current board members or Rainear will care about the future.  There will be no eye toward saving landfill space, or creative recycling endeavors.  The deals will be struck to line their pockets and the pockets of their friends. The best run authority in the state has seen its glory days, and is now headed for oblivion.

What’s Going Down in Downe?

The tentacles of Lou are even spreading to Downe Twp.  Mayor Renee Blizzard (a Magazzu protege) and her fellow D’s have hired the same Norcross lawyer, who declared Wymb’s contract null and void, to fight the newly elected township committeeman and prevent him from being seated.  It seems he turned in the Mayor for having an illegal mining operation when he was zoning officer.  Then he was fired.  Imagine that!

I was investigating the whole shady land deals in Downe when I was politely told by a lawyer – now judge – that there was nothing worth looking into. Of course this lawyer is butt-buddies with Lou, but I naively accepted his advice two years ago. It seems that Lou’s brand of politics has invaded Downe, and the mere act of speaking the truth is enough to bring the powers of darkness and the wrath of Lou on one’s head.

I think it may be time for me to dig up the research I did, and write an expose.

And finally, to wrap up the New year, here is just an odd piece of information.

In the Daily Journal  last week there was an article about flooding in a manufactured home park in Vineland.   Road Supervisor, Don Ohlbrich is quoted as saying it’s been going on for years, or so he thinks. We can’t expect him to KNOW anything in his job, after all he has absolutely zero experience. His sole credentials for that position were that he has been a stalwart supporter of Lou. And so it goes.

UMH Properties, Inc. is noted as the owner in the article. The President of UMH is none other than the same Eugene Landy that is listed as a donor to Lou’s failed NACO attempt. On the UMH website, it states that they have over 500 acres yet to be developed, but doesn’t say where. The mobile home park was built on land that was known to be just shy of a swamp, yet the developer was able to cut through county red tape to develop there. I’ll leave it to you to connect the dots.

And with this, I wish you a Happy New Year. There is a County Freeholder election in November. My friend Joe Pepitone is running for re-election. Unless Joe can show some balls and stand up to Lou in at least on vote, I am afraid that he cannot get my vote. We need diversity, and difference of opinion, and an active debate. Unfortunately Joe is not up to that task. I wish he were, because he is one hell of a nice guy, and I truly like him.

Also up is Nelson Thompson, shill for the unions. I like Nelson, but trust him only as far as I can throw him. Again, he will do Lou’s bidding without question, and without debate. He represents the unions, not the county taxpayers, and that is dangerous. Hopefully the Republicans will run qualified candidates this year.

Have a safe and happy new year. That includes you, Lou.

5 Responses to Wrapping up the year

  1. Calhoun says:

    What’s going down in Downe indeed. Apparently the “Honorable” Mayor Blizzard has given Mr. Campbell the ridiculous choice of either pursuing his whistleblower suit or being seat as a committeeperson. That’s crazy! Mayor Blizzard in trying to prevent the seating of Mr. Blizzard is also trying to prevent the will of the people who duly elected Mr. Campbell in the last election! So what if he has a lawsuit against the township? Should that matter come before the committee, then he would have to recuse himself. That in no way should prevent him from being seated and thus deny the people of their choice. Yet, another example of the unbelievable arrogance of many politicians. Respect the will of the people and seat Mr. Campbell. Pursue the land deals MWatch! I suspect the advice you received from the lawyer/judge was poor.

  2. Jim says:

    I would guess that Don Olbrich has many years of service in the NJ State Pension Program. He just needs a few years of a high paying, full time job to top it off. County roads supervisor is a good start. Maybe Lou came to the rescue again. What’s your take on the matter?

  3. WuLi says:

    Don has absolutely zero experience in such a position, but then Lou has proven again and again that experience doesn’t matter when you are giving friends a job.

    Dale Finch should have been considered for that job, as he has expertise and experience.

    Don Olbrich has been a die-hard D supporter, even heartily supporting the party when they were dead wrong (McGreevey, et al).

    I suppose there is something to be said about party loyalty – it is just that my conscience gets in the way too often.

  4. Still Snowed in says:

    It has to be very demeaning to the Cumberland County Public Works when they all know the their boss knows nothing about the work or projects that need to be accomplished. But we know Nelson is right no matter how many times that Cumberland County pickup is see at the Travel trailer Office during the work day.

  5. CCUA member says:

    It is even more demeaning to the sewer users in the Bridgeton area. Olbrich skipped half the meetings as a paid commissioner with family health benefits worth $24,000 a year for 12 meetings.
    The freeholders knew this, and rewarded him with a $90,000 a year job plus keeping his CCUA seat.

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