We told you so

How many months have we declared that Don Rainear was going to fill Steve Wymbs slot at the CCIA? We were the first to tell you Wymbs was going to go, and we were the first to tell you that Rainear was going to fill that position, sealing the deal that Cumberland County is now completely owned by the corrupt George Norcross machine. But it gets better. Apparetnly Don is not up to the task of running the CCIA as efficiently as Steve Wymbs was, so Lou and his cronies have worked a deal to siphon even more money out of the organization:

The Cumberland County Improvement Authority’s board has brought on former county Democratic Party Chairman Don Rainear to temporarily manage the agency.

The board agreed Thursday to a temporary management agreement with Rainear’s firm, DHR Associates, to help oversee the agency as a consultant, confirming long-standing discussion that he would fill the role, according to CCIA and county officials. Rainear is also a former Bridgeton mayor and the brother of Cumberland County Surrogate Doug Rainear, a former freeholder director.

Once again, Lou is pumping Cumberland County money to a friend, and spending it outside of the county. We are the poorest county in the state, thanks to decades of mismanagement at the county level. Lou Magazzu plans to keep it that way. Why? The poorer we stay, the more excuse he has to funnel money into a pit of so-called social organizations headed by people such as Al Kelly making obscene salaries, not to mention the perks.

Rainear lives in Strathmere. His salary at the CCIA, in Lou Magazzu’s own words, is greedy! But Lou has a double standard, and is more than ready to sign off on these greedy, obscene salaries hoping that nobody is watching him. of course Rainear will need that greedy salary to pay for his million dollar house. Folk, this is where your tax money goes! Lou’s cronies live like kings as Lou sells the county to the highest bidder.

But that salary is not enough for Magazzu and his friends. They have manufactured some sort of need to hire DHR Associates, a “government relations industry”  and pump even more CCIA money (your money) into Rainear’s pockets via that avenue. Kids, can you say “conflict of interest”? Now you are seeing the real reason that Lou was hell bent to fulfill his agenda against Wymbs. Money, pure and simple.


5 Responses to We told you so

  1. Whoknew says:

    Did you notice King Lou was conveniently out of town when this appointment was announced? Also, Freeholder Whelan said he had not been informed of the decision, and he’s the liaison for heaven’s sake. We can thank The Press for its most complete coverage of the story.

  2. Jim says:

    I guess if you look at the whole picture. The $130,000.00 salary will go a long way when applying for NJ State Pension.

  3. WuLi says:

    In one newspaper account it was inferred that Don would not be enrolled in the pension program in this job. If that is in fact the case, then I laud him for that decision. I will be following up on that aspect.

  4. Dee. Mocrat says:

    You my friend need to get it right,CCIA money is CCIA money, not tax payer money as you state.All the money at CCIA is generated through their tipping fees, so what makes you think it belongs to anyone other than the authority? the gravy train in other places may be tax payer money, but not at CCIA.

  5. WuLi says:

    Dee – one thing that you have to understand is that every piece of trash collected in Cumberland County goes to the CCIA, which charges the county (hence “the taxpayers”) a tipping fee.

    Therefore, using rudimentary logic, the money paid by every city and township that uses the CCIA to dump their trash is taxpayer money. Therefore, we all DO have a stake in the politics behind the scenes.

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