The Cumberland News is Getting it Right

In a comment under the post below, I noted Matt Dunn deserves kudos for his reporting on the Todd Edwards fiasco.

Well, I have to say the News is notching up ever further in my estimation with this entry under today’s Cheers and Jeers:

JEERS: To county Democrats for again going with a loyal party member to fill and important county seat. Jose Velez was named to fill the vacancy created on the Cumberland County Improvement Authority board when longtime member Sumner Lippincott stepped down in early December. Velez is a former party chairman in Vineland and freeholders voted unanimously to appoint him in the post. Just for once, we’d love to see the party in power appoint someone who doesn’t appear to be such a loyal party member. Maybe — heaven forbid — a Republican could do the job. Why limit our choices based on party labels?

King Lou is rewarding party loyalists with CCIA and other positions, and there will be more to come. The freeholders, including, sadly, Bill Whelan, seem to have little puppet strings on them. No one questions the competence of those appointed, or should I say lack of competence. Now Don Rainer is running CCIA, an “acting” position that will no doubt become permanent once it becomes apparent no one else has his stellar qualifications. I saw in a news article that he was the only one who applied for the “advertised” position. Where, I wonder, was it advertised? No doubt buried in the legal notices of a local paper. No reaching out to professional associations, advertising in NYC and Phila papers, etc.

Mango, as perhaps you can tell by this and by the “Tale for a Decade’s End” below, is in a real funk over what is going on in the county. Mango is still looking for the White Knight. Maybe he or she is out there? Or maybe the band of rebels can regroup and restrategize? Maybe the Republicans (and Mango is not one) can exercise some decisive leadership and topple the King? There is, after all, a lot of ammunition.


One Response to The Cumberland News is Getting it Right

  1. oinkforfreedom says:

    Lets encourage them by writing letters of thanks to them. ANYONE who stick their neck out gets attacked even when they win positions for themselves. We have to be Vigilanties for truth

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