Todd Edwards rewarded for not doing his job

Front page of The News this morning, “No action against Edwards“.

Todd Edwards will remain a Cumberland County Utilities Authority commissioner going into 2010.

Cumberland County freeholders took no action against the CCUA commissioner – who missed eight out of 12 monthly CCUA board meetings in 2009 – at their last meeting of 2009, despite county personnel liaison Jane Jannarone stating this week that the issue of Edwards absences is still a concern.

Lou Magazzu’s freeholder puppets sent a message loud and clear. The taxpayers an d rate-payers do not matter, and the CCUA will continue to pay Todd Edwards and providing health benefits for him not to show up for meetings. This is what happens if you are in Lou’s protected class of cronies. There is absolutely no accountability.

Previously Lou pretended not to be aware of edwards attendance problems.  However, Nancy Sungenis is indicating that Lou may not have been truthful:

Sungenis said that the freeholder board has been aware of Edwards absences.

“We always have sent the absentee records to the freeholder board,” she said.

9 Responses to Todd Edwards rewarded for not doing his job

  1. Jim says:

    (The News 01/02/10) According to Jane Jannarone, county personal lliaison, Lou’s appointment to the CCUA Todd Edwards said he wants to know why he is being singled out. I guess he just doesn’t get it. Are we the county taxpayers suppose to pay commissioners that are habitual no shows. I think not.

  2. WuLi says:

    Jim, you hit the nail on the head. Taxpayers are seeing property taxes increase annually. The state is unaffordable – and many of us do not have taxpayer funded health care. I am self-employed, and there is no way I can afford health insurance – I pay as I go and hope for the best.

    And here we have Todd Edwards that has a cushy job provided by Lou Magazzu. All that is required is that Todd show up an hour a month to collect his $3,500 a year and his $20,000 health insurance policy, and he cannot even fulfill that minor commitment.

    Don Olbrich had a major absenteeism problem a year or more ago, I understand. If he had the same attendance record for 2009 that Edwards had, you can be sure that he would have been on the hot seat here, too.

    So Todd – a word of advice. Half of success is simply showing up. Don’t worry, you have big Lou to cover your ass. It is the ratepayers that have been taken for a ride, you stole from them. I hope you are proud.

    I have complained to the Attorney General about your no-show job – now that we have someone in that position that doesn’t look the other way when it comes to Democrats, maybe we will see some action.

  3. mango says:

    Well, maybe Todd shouldn’t be singled out. What about Angelia Edwards, “the only other CCUA commissioner who missed multiple meetings in 2009”? What do we know about her? Where is she from? Is she related to Todd? Is she too a Friend of Lou?

    What about the legislation that would “allow municipalities, counties, and other local agencies to create an ordinance allowing them to unseat an official after a certain number of absences?” Probably a snowball’s chance in hell of getting such an ordinance passed in Cumberland COunty.

    Kudos go to Matt Dunn for the article. We have pounded pretty hard on the local papers in MWatch, but one senses some reporters are doing the best they can, given the limitations they work under. At least the News seems to be trying. The Daily Journal, forget it.

  4. WuLi says:

    MWatch, for one, should be pushing for such an ordinance. In many of the committees of which I have been a member (no compensation or benefits of any sort) there were bylaws that if any member missed two meetings a year, they would forfeit their position.

    While that might be a bit stringent for volunteer positions, if there is any compensation for the slot at all, then I think it is only reasonable to expect the committee-person to attend. For $3,500 a year in cash, I think that I could find the time to show up for twelve hours of meetings, with or without the $20,000 insurance gimme tacked on.

    Todd Edwards displayed a callous disregard fro propriety. Angelia too. And Olbrick previously. I know of many competent people that would give of their time proudly to serve on these boards for no compensation whatsoever, merely for the chance to help make the community better.

    And I agree – The News has done a superb job in fair reporting. Did anyone catch the Cheers and Jeers this morning? The editorial staff castigates Lou Magazzu’s Democrats for “again going with a loyal party member to fill an important county seat”, referring to the naming of party hack Jose Velez to the CCIA board.

    Velez has a checkered past, with many that have worked with him telling me off the record that he is incompetent. But, he supports Lou, and that is all it takes to get ahead in this county.

  5. Jim says:

    I believe Todd and Angelia Edwards are brother & sister. She is a board member of the Bridgeton Board of Education and resides in the City of Bridgeton. She is a five year Bridgeton appointment to the CCUA.

  6. GoGoCumCo says:

    I think the county employees can stop showing up for their jobs too…..Why not? The example has been set and the Freeholders support it…..Yet they wanna lay off the county employees….what hypocrisy!!

  7. oinkforfreedom says:

    Lets push for an ordenance. MWatch ought to keep fighting and suppport good govt. Then we are not just carping over Lou and his spoils system!

  8. Tinfoil Hat says:

    Angie is Todd’s cousin, not his sister – she at least does a lot for the community: see her track record of being a long-time BOE member and doing a helluva lot for the needy through Manna from Heaven.

  9. Oystercracker1 says:

    OK so Angie does good things for other organizations….I guess that means it’s OK to scam the taxpayers out of their dollars for her salary and benefits on the CCUA. I get, Tinfoil. Makes perfect sense to me – NOT.

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