Fiocchi and Tonetta possible contenders in 2010?

There was heartening news on PolitickerNJ yesterday. I don’t know how I missed it. Matt Friedman writes:

Cumberland County Republicans are considering running two familiar faces from Vineland for freeholder this year: businessman Sam Fiocchi and attorney Rick Tonetta.

The two men both ran last November, losing by relatively narrow margins. Tonetta placed third in a field of eight candidates vying for two freeholder seats, finishing about 900 votes under fellow Republican Tom Sheppard, who last night was sworn in as the only Republican on the freeholder board.  Fiocchi came about 1,100 votes short of unseating Democratic incumbent Nelson Thompson, who had been appointed to fill the vacancy left by Democrat Doug Rainier after he became county surrogate.

This year, Thompson will seek reelection for a full three-year term, while Deputy Freeholder Director Joseph Pepitone will run for a second full term.

This is good news indeed. Both men have the experience and disposition necessary to tackle the issues that plague the county. Neither one will back down from Lou’s histrionics and attacks. With three Republicans on the board, Lou will still have his majority that he will continue to ram down our throats despite our screaming and gagging, but he will no longer be able to do it on the sly with a make-believe unanimous support.

Without Corzine’s generous support this year, and without any major campaigns The Democrats will be wary about throwing good money after bad in little races like in our county. And with Lou’s mismanagement allowing the county a $4-8 Million shortfall there is a chance that we can begin to dismantle Lou’s juggernaut one piece at a time.

Sam and Rick, I urge you to consider running. You have the support of the party countywide.  And I know you are up to the challenge.


2 Responses to Fiocchi and Tonetta possible contenders in 2010?

  1. Matt Dunn says:

    Seems a little too soon to be making guesses about November but Tonetta and Fiocchi seems a likely choice — although I feel Tonetta and Santiago would be a better choice.

    Matt Dunn

  2. PaperCut says:

    Better bring some new ideas while you are at it. last election was tragic for people who wanted a change in CC. The I hate Lou platform just isn’t enough, is it?

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