Magazzu once again rewards the loyal on the backs of the taxpayers

For once the Daily Journal scooped us. The freeholders, under direction of Lou Magazzu are rewarding the former Chair of the Millville Democratic Organization and hardcore party loyalist Brendan Kavanaugh with a sweet pension deal. This will cost taxpayers more money.

Cumberland County is pushing to keep its top attorney — an appointed position — eligible for a state pension rather than a cheaper alternative retirement plan New Jersey created two years ago.

One part of their explanation is confusing, it seems that the freeholders are inferring that the current and past positions have been filled by people less than competent.

County officials said the move is the right thing to do legally and will make the job more attractive for future counsel candidates.

Come on, what is the difference between past candidates and future candidates? If the current pension is not attractive for the cream of the crop of future candidates, then logically it was not attractive to the cream of the crop of current and past candidates.

Personally, I believe this part time job should come with no benefits, as is done in the public sector. Brendan was rewarded this position for his work on Lou’s campaign.  Part of that work included supporting a questionable letter that according to Paul Sungenis was never approved by the signers.

Little did Lou and his merry band of puppets consider that benefits including $20,000 a year health packages for part-time personnel would become a hot issue this year. To cover his promise to his friend he had to scramble apparently and find a loophole. Hence this questionably legal act of trying to get county counsel onto the state insurance program. This position may not even be eligible.

Kavanaugh earns $86,000 a year for this part time job. Are you telling me that he can’t afford to pay into his own IRA? The county’s 401K is not good enough? Nope, he is determined to retire on the backs of new Jersey taxpayers. After all, he is a loyal Magazzu Devotee and deserves nothing less.


One Response to Magazzu once again rewards the loyal on the backs of the taxpayers

  1. millvillemagnus says:

    Great item, Wuli. Where would we be without you?

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