Any relation?

The Courier Post reported on a local theft ring back in December. It seems a group of local citizens stole farm equipment worth close to half a million dollars.

Investigators from the Woodstown barracks recovered about $450,000 worth of farm equipment stolen since 2002 in Gloucester and Salem counties, said Detective Brian Polite, a state police spokesman. Those items include tractors, forklifts, loaders and tools, he said.

One of the conspirators has a familiar name.

…and James Edwards, 72, of Pilesgrove, are each charged with fencing, hindering and tampering with evidence.

On January 8, 2010, The News of Cumberland County had more to add to this story, arresting more conspirators and bringing the tally up to a million dollars of recovered property.

New Jersey State Police have uncovered another theft ring of heavy-duty construction and farming equipment in Salem County said to total $280,000, bringing the total amount recovered now to approximately $1 million worth of equipment.

Arrested in the first theft ring were Michael T. Harkins, 45, of Franklinville; Jeramin M. Holbert, 30, of Newfield; Kenneth R. Costill, 61, of Pilesgrove; and James Edwards, 72, of Pilesgrove.

Is this the same James “Big Jim” Edwards of Edwards and Son (Todd) Funeral Home? Why did the newspaper choose to print photos of only a few of those arrested?

I am not saying that there is any relation between James Edwards and James Edwards, I am just merely pointing out the similarity of their names.  However, maybe some of our faithful readers can fill in the blanks?


10 Responses to Any relation?

  1. Matt Dunn says:

    It is him.

    Page A-6 of the print edition of the News: “One of those (arrested) was James “Big Jim” Edwards, who owns Edwards & Son Funeral Home in Salem.”

  2. WuLi says:

    So why was no mention made of the “Bridgeton connection”, being that you are a Bridgeton newspaper? I am sure it was just an innocent oversight.

  3. Matt Dunn says:

    Their main office is in Salem. Their office in Bridgeton is a satellite office, from what I’ve been told.

    Since I didn’t write the story, I can’t say for certain why there was no mention of the Bridgeton office.

  4. WuLi says:

    I’m was just wearing the tinfoil hat today!

    It is just that Journalism 101 teaches that a local connection in a story makes it more appealing to your readership. How difficult would it have been to have added five or six words to bring that local tie-in into the article?

    But I shall maintain my original assumption that it was an honest oversight.

  5. Grinch says:

    Journalism 102. Use a guys family to discredit him if he opposes you on a political issue. Ouch. That would never happen if the guy was victimized by others in a similar way. It just wouldn’t be fair.

  6. James Edwards says:

    what is the question? Are you asking if James “Big Jim” Edwards from pilesgrove, NJ is related to J. Curtis Edwards?

  7. john says:

    Any links to Woodstown Farm supply closing down?

  8. Valerie says:

    I am very close to this story and the most disturbing thing is they placed the photos of 4 people involved and arrested. When over 75 people have bought stolen equipment, some individuals even committing additional crimes with the stolen goods. Why aren’t there names and pictures posted? No links to Farm Supply closing down John.

  9. Sandy says:

    Any update on sentencing?

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