Long time County Democrat Supporter rewarded with plum job

Once again we connect the dots. Jennifer Webb-McRae, former partner of Robinson, Andujar and Webb, was confirmed recently to fill the spot left vacant by the forced ouster of Ron Casella.

Background: Casella, a devoted Democrat, crossed the line when he insisted on having enough manpower to allow the prosecutors office to properly perform duties to ensure public safety. Lou didn’t like this, needing that money to funnel into the hands of political backers instead, and had been gunning for Casella ever since.

Personally, it is the politics and backroom machination that bother me most. Webb-McRae has an excellent portfolio, and extensive experience as a defender. She is highly respected.

However, today’s Daily Journal has an article about her choice to replace the remarkable Ken Pagliughi. In a recent conversation with a Democrat insider, they made it quite clear to me that politics had nothing to do with Jennifer’s nomination. After all, she had never contributed one dime to any political campaign. As far as public records are concerned, this is so. However, her second in command is a party loyalist. Harold Shapiro has contributed well over $10,000 to the Cumberland County Democratic Organization.

I am just connecting the dots.  I make no judgment on his ability or qualifications, I don’t know much about him. He might be a fine assistant prosecutor. My only concern is that the prosecutor’s office and the courts alike treat violent crime harshly. Any punk caught with an illegal gun needs to be put behind bars as REQUIRED BY STATE LAW (3-5 mandatory) and not released with a slap on the wrist.


14 Responses to Long time County Democrat Supporter rewarded with plum job

  1. Deep Throat says:

    Jennifer is only a temp as prosecutor. She is charged with reducing the staff. She will be a judge in less than a year. Then Christie can put his choice in place. That is the deal. Pagliughi is who cost Casella his job. Thomasso will be axed next.
    Shapiro was made assistant prosecutor to open up his job at the Board of Social Services.
    Louie will then put Velez back at the agency where he did not show up in court as required by his job when he was there before. Remember, he made $90,000 for part-time lo show work.
    Social Service staff do not want Velez back because of his poor work performance.
    No matter, he will be back anyway.

  2. WuLi says:

    From all reports Velez is incompetent at any level. The only reason he can hold any job is that King Louie pulls strings for him in exchange for loyal support.

    Sadly, it appears that the purpose of social services in Cumberland County is to ensure that there is a funnel in place for state and federal money, so that political lackeys can be rewarded. Unfortunately, the people that are supposed to benefit from services, and dedicated employees in the county get the short end of the stick.

  3. PaperCut says:

    Isn’t Marchand getting something north of $100,000.00 per year for not working and now he’s getting another $140,000.00 per year for being a compensation judge? Is there something wrong with a system that pays a man a quarter of a million dollars of taxpayer money to do one job when others are being asked to trim and sacrifice? Is Marchand the greatest ever? Where is the moaning for this Republican to do the right thing?

  4. PaperCut says:

    Oh I forgot, there is probably a PERS pension in there also and Cadillac medical for life. Now we’re talkin !

  5. Deep Throat says:

    Marchand is double dipping. Huge pension and another judgeship. Workman Comp judges make about $90k not $140K . They are assigned anywhere in the state. Not just ti the local viscinage ie. Cumb. Salem, Gloucester county. A pig is a pig is a pig. No matter which party. (He already has the cadillac lifetime health benefits.)

  6. GoGoCumCo says:

    Lets hope she can live up to the bar set by Casella, it’s pretty high. It’s gonna be up to this site to really keep up with how things are going and make sure the ship keeps moving forward. I’m sure Big Lou will be trying to tell her how to run things. It’ll be up to her to resist this and do the right thing…..hopefully.

    I’m willing to give anyone a fair chance…

  7. Lucky the Dog says:

    This is so funny. I heard Jennifer was going to sue Magazzu Watch for an apology for calling the job a “Plum”. It’s not a plum it’s a huge melon a big freakin giant sweet fruit of humongous proportions and it is the plum job,…..oh crap,….it is a plum job. Never mind.

  8. meagain says:

    Marchand getting another $120,000 a year job on top of his $100,000 a year taxpayer pension? Unbelievable!! Where and when did this happen? Better yet why did this happen? Must be some reason or reasons that the Dems take care of this bad guy who is an Rep. I think. I’m confused. Any explanation for this travesty? in a broke state that someone gets paid a quarter of a million a year?

  9. WuLi says:

    Why would a Republican be appointed to a judgeship under a Democrat majority? The same as always – to keep them out of politics.

    Judge Hal Johnson was a formidable political strategist, the D’s made him a judge. I suspect the same applies to Marchand. He lost elect the last time not due to superb gamemanship by the D’s, but for the same reason all of the D’s got in that year – they rode the coattails of Obama.

  10. Lucky the Dog says:

    Marchand ran in the last election in Gloucester? and he couldn’t win the nomination. Remember? Now people are afraid of him?

  11. meagain says:

    Think there must be more to the Marchand story than meets the eye. Lucky Dog has it right when he/she says the guy couldn’t even win the nomination in the last primary election? Oh politics, gotta love it when the losers get rewarded with a quarter of a million a year at taxpayers expense! Who would possibly be afraid of him ever winning another election? He was toast in politics. what a tragedy!

  12. meagain says:

    PS: Please don’t put Judge Hal in the same category as Marchand. Hal is a good decent human being. Judge Johnson could pass the State Bar approval process. Marchand???? Obviuosly not. Pathetic!

  13. WuLi says:

    Merely because a person lost an election does not mean that they cannot win an election. For example, Nelson Thompson probably lost more elections than any five candidates combined and he managed to slime slide into office last year.

    Generally speaking, when a person not of the party in power is given a judgeship it is because they are non-partisan and well-liked by the public (rare cases), or it is to keep them out of politics because either as a candidate or behind-the-scenes they can do too much damage.

    Winning an election, or getting a nomination has more to do with name recognition than it has to do with ability or the quality of the candidate. How do you think Magazzu continues to get elected? The people that know him all agree that he is lacking in character. The majority of the people that pull the lever on election day neither read the newspapers 9let alone this blog) nor have any idea of who they are voting for. They see a name they recognize and viola’, a vote is cast.

  14. meagain says:

    Would agree with Wuli to the extent of the importance of name recognition but think Marchand after 2 quick losses was history. But what a horrible way of politics to basically “buyout” a potential perceived threat and given his reported failure to pass the State Bar Committee he is still rewarded. Not passing the Bar review certainly must mean there’s smoke here. Especially when it was reported on Politicker NJ a former County Superior Court judge and his own brother may have been part of the problem in his getting approval. Ahh back room politics, gotta love it when the bad guys get “bought out” with 6 figure jobs plus 6 figure pensions.

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