The taxpayers CAN make a difference

MagazzuWatch raised a stink over the absurd notion of giving part-time county counsel the ability to opt in to the poorly run, and fiscally unsound state pension system.  The outcry was heard throughout the county, and even Lou’s stalwart ally, the Daily Journal drew the line.

In today’s Daily Journal there is a follow-up article where Lou withdraws this stupid plan.

The Cumberland County Board of Freeholders is dropping a move to enroll its solicitor in New Jersey’s pension system.

Legal Counsel Brendan Kavanagh, who became solicitor last month, said Tuesday he requested freeholders withdraw his recent application to the state Public Employees’ Retirement System, known as PERS.

The decision, Kavanagh said, comes “after much reflection during these tough economic times.”

The announcement came one day after The Daily Journal reported county freeholders had requested the legal counsel position be part of the pension system.

Magazzu then tries to spin this decision as if he had come to it himself. He lies, and pretends that it was the difficult economy that caused him to consider other options, and had nothing to do with the blog and media-related firestorm.

Kavanagh legally is eligible for the pension, but “difficult economic times” make it appropriate to enroll him in the state’s alternative, 401(k)-like retirement program, Magazzu said. The alternative program, which is less lucrative for retirees, means less of a financial burden for the county.

Brendan even spoke up in a letter to the editor, rightly taking the Daily Journal to task for mis-reporting the salary. Even at $68,000, that is a lot of money for a part-time job where he has to work maybe 20-25 hours a week.  He is still allowed to work at his private practice where he bills something like $250 an hour. And remember that he has partners at his private practice.  So his poor-boy routine does not cut it with the majority of voters and taxpayers that earn less than $50,000 a year (Cumberland County median income) working full time.

And once again, it is the opinion of everybody affiliated with MagazzuWatch that  NO part-time employee should receive benefits or pensions. Period. Part-timers in the private sector do not enjoy the privilege of such perks, and they are the people paying the bills. It is a matter of fairness and equity. Until our lawmakers put everyone on an equal footing, private and public sector jobs should pay the same, and have the same perks.


4 Responses to The taxpayers CAN make a difference

  1. PaperCut says:

    “I would ask that someone correct The Daily Journal’s misprint (twice) that my salary is $86K. It’s $68K. And at 20-25 hours per week (with another 25 hours a week to operate my firm), I’d hardly call it a “plum” position. High profile, yes. I resent the reference and demand an apology.”

    Where is Nancy Sungenis when you need her?

  2. Deep Throat says:

    She is busy getting her daughter appointed to the tax board. Now she has to get a job for her sister.(Robin Wood).
    A politicians work is never done.
    Now if she could just find some more renegade dems. to call traitors, hmmmm. Then she could get a job for everyone in her family.( Maybe even a third for herself).

  3. PaperCut says:

    I was thinking she could have written a better letter to the editor. (and then gotten others to sign it)

  4. Grinch says:

    The Kavster says in the DJ that all Municipal Judges, Prosecutors and Public Defenders get PERS. I heard “not true” in Millville. Anyone know for sure?

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