Vine Street School to go to highest bidder?

This just in, courtesy Matt Dun and the News of Cumberland County:

Cumberland County freeholders will consider awarding a contract Thursday to a Camden County architectural firm for architecture and engineering services relating to a plan to renovate the Vine Street School.

Lammey and Giorgio, of Haddon Township, was among seven pre-approved architecture and engineering firms asked to submit cost estimates for the Vine Street School project.

Lammey and Giorgio offered to oversee architectural and engineering services for the project for $619,500, according to a resolution on Thursday’s freeholder board meeting agenda.

That cost estimate was $200,000 higher than what was given by the next highest bidder, KBA Architects in Millville.

Did KBA already get their quota of backroom contracts? Is this payback for the generous support of Camden County politicos for Lou Magazzu’s last campaign?

What is amazing is that Jane Jannarone is claiming that this company “saved” the county money. So, according to that logic, all one need to do is “save” an unquantified amount of money to severely over-bill on another project and be a shoe-in.

By the way – William Lammey of Lammey and Giorgio gave thousands to the Camden County Norcross Machine. Anthony Giorgio has done likewise. In a transparent end run around pay-to-play laws, companies give to the party in their own county and get pei-in-the-sky jobs in other counties.  The taxpayers get screwed.

Remember, Cumberland County faces a $4 – 8 MILLION budget shortfall yet King Louie still sees fit to give a job to the highest bidder. An out-of-town highest bidder.


8 Responses to Vine Street School to go to highest bidder?

  1. Grinch says:

    This is a really tough one ! KBA is part of the Salmon Democrat group and thus unqualified to work in Cumberland County while L&G is part of the Norcross Democrat group and thus unqualified to work in Camden County. Does anyone know if either company is capable of a project this size? Have they ever done this kind of work before? Where is the RFP for the work and how many companies bid? Where was it advertised and for how long ? Where the heck is Vine Street?

  2. Demo Joe says:

    It is fine to receive the supposed seven bids. We all know the award of the work is political patronage and rewards are a way of life within the Democratic party. The obvious problem is what is this building being saved for? Do the Democrats realize this building could be removed and have the environmental cleanup performed for $450,000? Put the money into a new design and a less costly building to construct. Is there any common sense with this administration?

  3. WuLi says:

    Grinch – have you ever gone to the courthouse in Cumberland County? If so, then chances are you were forced to park behind a building that appeared abandoned and looked like it should have seen the wrecking ball decades ago. In fact, I understand that it was at one time declared unfit to be occupied.

    According to the new reports there were seven bids, and the highest bidder got it.

    According to my search of ELEC records KBA has never contributed to any politcal campaign under that name – why do you think he has daddy-in-law? The political giving is Ed Salmon’s job, KBA gets to reap the benefits.

  4. GoGoCumCo says:

    You’re right, the building looks like its been empty for fifty years. But because of its historical significance it can’t just be knocked down. How silly is that?

    Thank you MW for catching this story. I just read the M.Dunn article before coming to this site and was pleased to see you exposing it.

    Its funny that Big Lou wouldn’t discuss WHY they went with L&G, putting it off until tomorrow night’s public meeting. I can’t wait to hear it. But I’m sure the puppet six will be well rehearsed before Big Lou lets them out in public.

  5. Deep Throat says:

    The Vine Street School can be knocked down. It must be replaced with a building that fits the time period of the school.It can be smaller. The school is less than half the space needed for the prosecutor. That is using the bssement for office space. Worked well at the courthouse. The cost of construction is twice the price of new construction. Prosecutor will still bein 5-6 locations.
    Now it the county could only afford to pay it’s employees.

  6. WuLi says:

    Deep – are you sure of the fact that the school can be replaced by a smaller building. Most federal historic designations require that a new building be built on the same original footprint of the prior structure. And not only must it be of the same time period, but of the same general design of the original.

    I don’t know what designation this building falls into, whether it is on the historic registry or merely in a historic zone, so I am just asking.

  7. Deep Throat says:

    I am certain a smaller building of the time period could be built on the site. The school was built in 2 phases that were 40 years apart.
    The building must be appropriate for the original time period. That is the 1880’s.

  8. Lucky the Dog says:

    Bridgeton is up sh1ts creek with their “historical” designations. They need to scrap that bull and let people knock down the old crap and build new efficient cheaper buildings. We don’t need a museum we need a Prosecutor office.

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