Magazzu to lay off county employees

Lou Magazzu’s puppets have decided to lay off county employees, according to the report of tonight’s meeting.

Cumberland County officials revealed a plan Thursday to make $2.5 million in budget cuts in an attempt to balance the county’s 2010 budget.

Under this proposal, which the county freeholder board plans to act on at their next meeting on Jan. 28, there would be layoffs for county employees — the reality of which a room full of people at Thursday night’s county freeholder meeting were obviously aware.

Our readers are all aware that Lou Magazzu attempted to reward party loyalist Brendan Kavanaugh with a cake pension program on the backs of taxpayers all the while knowing that the freeholders would be threatening  employees with the unemployment line. Don’t be fooled by the solemn look on his face, Lou is the ultimate actor. We are talking Oscar material here.

We have said repeatedly to cut all benefits to part-time employees. Lou has refused to act on that common sense solution, instead preferring theatrics. More to come…


One Response to Magazzu to lay off county employees

  1. Grinch says:

    It was announced today in the Daily Juorinal that Lou was laying off Jim Dunkins. Is this true?

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