Joe DeAngelis responds to Kavanaugh’s nonsense

The Daily Journal printed a letter today in response to Brendan Kavanaugh’s ridiculous whining diatribe crying poverty because he earned a measly $68,000 a year for a part time job, blustering as to why he needed that taxpayer subsidized retirement plan when most retired people in Cumberland County are seeing their Social Security and Medicare benefits that they survive on whittled down…

It isn’t often I laugh out loud these days when reading letters to the editor, but the letter from Mr. Brendan Kavanagh “demanding an apology” from The Daily Journal describing his $86K per year — whoops, sorry, $68K per year — job as a “plum” hits the mark. Of course, The Daily Journal did one better and ran a full front-page article.

Does Mr. Kavanagh realize that his part-time job pays more and is 40 percent higher than the median income of Cumberland County residents who work full time? Cumberland County is the poorest county in New Jersey with unemployment and poverty hitting 14 to 15 percent, and he demands an apology from The Daily Journal for his appointment being described as “plum.”

I’m sure that if The Daily Journal polled its readership, a job (county legal counsel) for which he campaigned that pays $68K per year for part-time work would overwhelmingly be described as “plum.”

Mr. Kavanagh’s disconnect from the very public he serves is indicative of the attitude of our current leadership, from our national leadership down to the city/county level. A $5,000 pay cut? Show me a person who makes $25K per year who takes a $5K pay cut, and I’ll show you someone who is willing to make a sacrifice for the people. A $5K pay cut from someone whose gross income, by his own admission, tops $150,000, does not and should not impress any rational person. I remember politicians campaigning on results, not their discounted services.

Stepping down as Democratic chairperson to remove any appearance of political bias deserves a chuckle. Your title doesn’t matter, Mr. Kavanagh; your intentions, however, do.

But, I am wondering, how much do the “plum” jobs in Cumberland County pay and where do I apply?

Joe DeAngelis


Why is this an issue on Magazzu Watch? Kavanaugh was promised this job for being a faithful foot soldier for Lou’s campaign. The job and pension was part and parcel of a deal for Brendan’s involvement in the shady personal loan to Lou of party money, as well as his alleged cover-up of a letter containing forged signatures, never approved by committee, and mailed to all county Democrats prior to the election.

Hush money? Hopefully the Christy administration will look more carefully into these allegations.  There is nothing forthcoming from Magazzu about what really transpired, and the public deserves to know the truth. Registered Democrats really deserve to know what is happening in the back rooms of their party.


15 Responses to Joe DeAngelis responds to Kavanaugh’s nonsense

  1. Lobster Claws says:

    Regardless of what you think about the Kavster, why is it wrong or laughable for someone to demand an apology from a newspaper for printing glaring mistakes?

  2. Oystercracker1 says:

    … And to be fair, I doubt that I would be able to stomach working with the King of Maggots for $68,000.

    My heart bleeds for you Kavanaugh

  3. Grinch says:

    Who is Joe DeAngelis ? and Why did Brendan Kavster write that letter in the first place. Was he Artarded? I want to see a new letter every day for a month. What a treat.

  4. Calhoun says:

    The only mistake the paper reported was giving his salary as 86K instead of 68K. That’s a fairly honest mistake, since it only involved switching two numbers. And the DJ corrected it within two days, through the publication of Brendan’s letter. This simple error that was quickly corrected doesn’t warrant an apology (same goes for citing him as Democratic chairman of Millville). Furthermore, based on that letter, it would seem that Kavanagh wanted an apology for the position being called a “plum.” On that point, he deserves no apology because it most definitely is a plum, as nicely put by Joe DeAngelis’s letter. Brendan may not think it is a plum, but many of us do.

  5. Oystercracker1 says:

    Apology? Did you guys say something about an APOLOGY??? Why in the world would a political hack, like Kavanaugh think that he deserves an apology? If an apology is due, it’s due to every thinking person in Cumberland County who was smeared by Kavanaugh’s idol – Lord Louie!

    Get a life Kavanaugh – If you think you deserve an apology for a typo, you must have rather thin skin. Not a good trait for a lawyer.

    If the job is too much for you, why not step down?

  6. Lucky the Dog says:

    I want an apology from Brendan Kavster for writing the letter in the first place. I have been forever damaged by reading that letter. My spouse has a claim for loss of consortium (sp?) because every time I try to get romantic the image of that letter shows up and it’s a no go. Who was it that said if you are going to argue with someone make sure they don’t buy their ink by the barrel? I think it was Lou.

  7. oinkforfreedom says:

    Mr. Kavanaugh is being rewarded of course. Of course this is the way Lou operates.
    Another is Doug Ranier’s brother being the head of the Improvement Authority (“temporary”). I sure you dear readers can name a few more…

  8. Calhoun says:

    Damn, Dog sorry to hear about your loss of consortium due to the letter. Might want to change your handle to Unlucky the Dog. Your problem highlights yet another way Magazzu and his cronies have negatively affected our fair county. I hear you though. Let’s say you’re home with a beautiful woman, candles are lit, fireplace is burning, fine bottle of wine or champagne is open. The night is indeed seemingly perfect. However, if your mind is stuck on Magazzu and his cronies, it will likley ruin everything. Magazzu and his cronies are indeed that much of a downer, and no cocktail of booze, Spanish fly and Viagra/Cialis is likely to fix it. Having said that, you might want to try and think about something else when you’re with your wife (um…like your wife). However, I understand if the Maggot “just pops in there” like the Staypuft Marshmallow Man just popped into Ray’s (Dan Aykroyd’s) mind in Ghostbusters. I remember taking finals in college. I am really trying to concentrate. And what does my mind do? It starts cycling a lot of crazy ass shit like the jingles from commercials, such as Meow Mix (“Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow”), Golden Grahams (“Oh Those Golden Grahams…”), Armor hot dogs (“What Kinds of Kids Eat Armour Hot Dogs?/Big Kids, Little Kids, Kids Who Climb on Rocks/Fat Kids, Skinny Kids, Even Kids with Chicken Pox…”), Oscar Mayer Bologna (“My Baloney Has a First Name…”) , and Rice a Roni (“…the San Francisco treat”). The United Negro College Fund was pretty much right when it said the “mind is a terrible thing to waste.” However, sometimes one has no control over his mind. It wastes itself.

  9. Lucky the Dog says:

    Calhoun, thanks for nothing!. Now I have jingles in my mind that won’t go away. The only thing that will fix it is if Brendum sends another letter to the DJ. This time he must discuss his contributions to society and his charitable nature.

  10. Gunslinger says:

    Joe DeAngelis has an ax to grind with Mr. Kavanaugh because Kavanaugh & Kavanaugh law firm sued Joe DeAngelis a few years back. If Mr. DeAngelis wants a “plum” job…he should have went to law school like Mr. Kavanaugh

  11. Okay Gunslinger, if I had an ax, my ax to grind is that Mr Kavanaugh represented tenants that destroyed my property whom I sued in small claims court. He represented them and lost. It still doesnt make his letter ridiculous. If youd like to make it personal, lets please discuss it IN person.

    Please get your facts straight.
    I was never sued by Kavanaugh and Kavanaugh

  12. Oh, and gunslinger, its called “sarcasm”…..your highschool library should have a dictionary definition that should cover my intentions

  13. Gunslinger says:

    Discuss it in person? LOL!!
    {Editor’s note} This post was edited due to inflammatory remarks – please keep it civil. And gunslinger, if you are going to defame someone publicly, please have the courtesy to provide a real name. Mr. DeAngelis at least has the courage to sign his name to his posts.

  14. Joe DeAngelis says:

    what, are you seven years old? nice changing the subject, skippy

    {edited} please keep it civil.

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