Once again Lou overlooks the obvious

The News of Cumberland County reports:

Cumberland County freeholders are looking into a system to let them know if appointed board and committee members are attending regular meetings.

This comes after freeholders were made aware that one member of the Cumberland County Utilities Authority has missed more than half of the monthly CCUA meetings in 2009, while remaining eligible for a $5,500 paycheck and health benefits.

Once again Lou and his merry band of puppets looks to introduce complexity into something that is rather simple. The question begs, why do we have to watch over adults like they are kindergarten children when they were supposedly appointed because they were trustworthy and competent?

There already is a system in place to monitor this sort of misbehavior.  These boards have freeholder liaisons – men and women that were duly elected and receive a salary and health benefits in exchange for carrying out their duties. This ruse is merely a way to pass the buck and duck the blame for their own failure to perform the duties to which they were elected.

Every committee maintains a thing called “minutes”, or “protocols” which are the written record of the meetings. Contained in official minutes are records of attendance. The only “system” that an intelligent and competent freeholder need is to take a few minutes per month to read those official minutes and note whether or not the political lackey they appointed showed up.

But far be it from Lou Magazzu to take responsibility. It is far more expedient for him to point the finger at someone else, and to waste time devising a complex solution to a problem that does not truly exist.


One Response to Once again Lou overlooks the obvious

  1. Curious says:

    What good are reports, when Magazzu directed Edwards not to attend the meetings until his drug charges were cleared up? If the top guy directs the apppointees to not attend, there is not reason to keep track of attendance.
    Didn”t he hire Olbrich after getting reports he was miising half the CCUA meetings?
    All smoke and mirrors.

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