Lou’s puppets back down from hiring the high bidder

The Daily Journal ran a story about the freeholders backing down from hiring a high bidder, who just also happened to be a Camden County firm and George Norcross machine contributor.

The county has temporarily backed off plans to pick an architectural firm to turn the former Vine Street School into office space for the Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office.

The delay — expected to be brief, Freeholder Jane Jannarone said — will give the Board of Freeholders time to review two of the bids.

How interesting. Two days ago Lou and his minions were hell bent on hiring Lammey Giorgio from Camden County, a company with close ties to the George Norcross machine, and extravagant party supporter. MagazzuWatch believes that this is just another indication of the close ties that Magazzu has formed with Norcross, and proof of Norcross infiltrating and ruling Cumberland County politics.

What is more disturbing is that the freeholders are now admitting that they were going to award the contract to an out of town entity without even reviewing the other bidders’ proposals? How can Jannarone claim to have made an intelligent decision in the first place when she now says that the committee needs time time “to review two of the bids”?

At a time when the county is facing a $4-8 Million shortfall, it is inexcusable to play politics and spend local money on out-of-town companies and to not even review the local bids. If not for MagazzuWatch asking questions about this whole porject the other day I have to wonder if Lou and his merry band of puppets would have just slid the vote through.


5 Responses to Lou’s puppets back down from hiring the high bidder

  1. Lucky the Dog says:

    What makes you think anyone backed down?

  2. oinkforfreedom says:

    They are just covering their butts!!

  3. Lucky the Dog says:

    I say again, why do you think they backed off? What evidence is there ?

  4. WuLi says:

    What evidence? There own words that they need time to “review” other bids.

    Two other qualified local companies came in much lower than the Norcross affiliated company,and Magazzu assumed it was business as usual in Cumberland county and that he could slip this through. He is not used to his every move being analyzed in a non-election year.

    I assure you that if we had not raised the specter of county money being funneled as payback for Camden County support, this would not even be an issue. Lou would have quietly awarded the contract to the Camden County firm. But now even the local press is asking why pay $200,000 MORE to a Camden company when we have two qualified local companies that would hire local people, and at a cost savings?

  5. Grinch says:

    what’s up with the estimated hours of work? Less than 1 thousand and more than 5 thousand? They can’t be bidding the same job can they. Are the locals that much smarter or did they skip some major parts of the contract? Maybe the locals will need to hire other engineers to do part of the job so that cost isn’t in the bid. 5,000 hours. That is a good question for the bidders to answer. How much is this per hour?

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