Hey Lou, I think the AC Press was talking to you!

There is an excellent editorial in the AC Press today. Titled “Trust us – it’s over”, the editorial staff makes an excellent case for completely eliminating health benefits for part-timers. It is almost as if they were talking to Lou Magazzu when they said:

And for any other town that has eliminated the outrageous, offensive perk of providing expensive health benefits to part-time officials.

But the rest of you …

You best read on.

Because apparently you don’t get it. Apparently you don’t understand the anger out there – the legitimate anger.

No. Health. Benefits. For part-time work.

Every Lou Magazzu puppet on the Freeholder board must join him now in dropping any health benefits they receive at taxpayer expense.  If there are thirty part-time positions in the county, there is a potential of $60,000 in savings. Lou’s own testimony puts the cost of health perks at $20,000 per employee.  If we no add the employees receiving benefits they do no need because they are already covered under another policy, the numbers are staggering. We need a law forbidding this sort of double-dipping.  We need a law that forbids people such as Doug Rainear (who at one time was eligible for three health policies but only kept two, and was paid not to take the third) from double and triple dipping.

The editorial continues:

Once upon a time, providing taxpayer-funded medical benefits to part-time elected officials was seen as a minor perk, a little inducement to get people to run. But those days are long, long gone.

Today, the cost of such benefits is skyrocketing. Towns are laying off police officers and can’t afford to plow the roads adequately after a snowstorm – but they’re still providing this perk?

That’s obscene. And, frankly, it would be obscene even if times were good and towns were rolling in money. These health benefits for part-timers serve no public purpose whatsoever.

Preach it brother!  Do I hear an Amen?


2 Responses to Hey Lou, I think the AC Press was talking to you!

  1. oinkforfreedom says:

    AMEN..AMEN!! Can I have a witness?

  2. GoGoCumCo says:

    Wow…Great catch on that article MW. Its a shame it’ll have no meaning her in cucumber county. I mean, after all, these are the LOWEST paid freeloaders in the state….!! Are you kidding me! Anyway, we should seek to remove ANY Freeholder who does not give up his/her medical coverage AND who does not support the banning of benefits for ALL part-time employees. A savings of over half a million dollars is the kind of financial injection this county needs.

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