The Todd Edwards saga continues

Lou Magazzu continues to evade responsibility for this saga that is now growing tiresome. In today’s News of Cumberland County Jane Jannarone continues to be the point person. Once again they are taking the line that “they were made aware” as if the fact that they didn’t know was not their own doing.

Cumberland County freeholders are looking into a system to let them know if appointed board and committee members are attending regular meetings.

This comes after freeholders were made aware that one member of the Cumberland County Utilities Authority has missed more than half of the monthly CCUA meetings in 2009, while remaining eligible for a $5,500 paycheck and health benefits.

And they are continuing to “look into a system…” They have a system, and have had a system.  I explained previously that every board has “minutes” and the Freeholders have a responsibility to read those minutes. Those minutes are a very short synopsis of what their appointees are doing (or not dong, as the case may be).

In fact, they admit that they have ignored these minutes to the detriment of the taxpayers.

“Somebody has to keep track of this,” she said. “Although Nancy Sungenis (CCUA board chairwoman) sent attendance records over to the freeholder office, they were never distributed (to the entire board). I’m not trying to throw the freeholder office under the bus by any means. We don’t know what happened, and we’re making sure it does not happen again.”

There you have it. Not only did the liaison to the board fail miserably either by looking the other way when his friend failed to carry out his duties or by being totally incompetent – both reasons a person in the private sector would be disciplined and/or fired from their job – but heis now passing the buck and refusing to take responsibility for his own inaction.

Now they are giving Edwards a courtesy that was never afforded Ethan Aronoff over a year ago when he was called into a Freeholder meeting and publicly blasted over job performance in a guerrilla-style ambush. Aronoff was called into a Freeholder meeting to ostensibly discuss emergency funding for social services, and instead was dogged and viciously attacked by three of the Freeholders in a blatant violation of the Rice Act.

“We’re still investigating it, (but) we couldn’t do anything at our last meeting because he’s a paid board member,” she said.

Under civil service laws, Edwards must be given advance notice if his job performance is being discussed.

Remember, Todd Edwards, according to three witnesses  County Clerks Office, brought in people to fill out absentee ballots and with at least one yelled at the man saying “NO!  You HAVE to vote for Democrats!”. He is a key player in Lou’s campaigns, and I assure you that whatever happens, Todd will  walk away rewarded one way or another for his loyalty.


3 Responses to The Todd Edwards saga continues

  1. oinkforfreedom says:

    Jane is now parroting Lou. Gee, I am so damn confedent right now, I could barf.

  2. still snowed in says:

    Todd Edwards saga/attendance continues, but did not Don Olbrich miss one less meeting and he is not mentioned here. He is paid the say the same and is rewarded with the same medical benifits. Also rewarded with a $90,000 per year position while operating out of Shiloh Pike.

  3. Deep Throat says:

    Can’t help but notice that Jannarone is learning the political double talk. Notice she says the attendance sheets werenot distributed to the entire board. This, while she talks about it going to the freeholder office. Pay attention, what she is actually saying that at least one freeholder recieved the report. What she is afraid to say is that it was given to Lou over a year ago.
    That information was not shared with the rest of the board. Lou had directed Todd Edwards not to attend the CCUA meetings until his drug arrest problems were cleared up. I never heard that they ever were.
    She does not want to point fingers, because se would have to point them right at the director.

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