A friend writes in

Here are some thoughts that a friend emailed to me this afternoon:

Could not help but notice the project labor agreement Nelson Thompson brought out at the last freeholder mtg. for the Vine St. school and parking garage. These agreements are designed so that non union contractors have almost no chance of being able to bid.

At least Sheppard & Dunkins voted no. Whalen & the rest voted yes without having the contract to review.

Layoffs, potential tax increases & they are shrinking the pool of potential bidders that will increase the cost of a multi million dollar project. That is the Norcross payback.

Nelson is for trade unions, NOT public employee unions. Never believe they won’t slit each others throats for the shrinking tax dollar pie. Nelsons “impeccable union credentials” are for construction labor ONLY. Thompson  tells everyone who will listen how much contempt he has for Fran Smith, Pres. of UAW local 2327 who represents most county & social service workers.


3 Responses to A friend writes in

  1. crazed and amused says:

    In case anyone has missed it, the Bridgeton Evening News has published a lovely article claiming that the union was divided on their vote and that the show of hands may have been misinterpreted. For anyone who was there that night it seemed pretty clear that the majority denied the counties plan. I believe the official vote was somewhere around 90 to 120, however anyone who was there will honestly have to admit that the hands voting to deny the plan was much more over whelming. Perhaps Mr. Nelson and the B.E.N. need to expand their conversation circle to include a diverse network of employees rather than Maggie’s loyalists.

    Honestly after reviewing the budget scenarios proposed by the county at http://www.co.cumberland.nj.us/filestorage/173/251/757/1509/2010_Budget_Scenarios-All.pdf it seems pretty clear that even if the UAW does agree to the wage freeze there will still be layoffs despite whatever promises the freeholders make. I think at this point the taxpaying public would be more than happy to shed some government fat and those employed would love for the matter to be resolved, whatever the outcome.

    On a side note …… the manor ……..business 101…..if you’re losing money you need to make changes. A loss of 2 million a year makes up ½ of a 4 million county deficit and no one wants to take the steps to correct this….come on…….I actually applaud whoever had the kahones to propose this idea.

  2. Union Man says:

    Where does Thompson get the right to interefere with the UAW and how they vote . Guess your friend was correct. Thompson shows no respect to Fran Smith and the counties largest union.

  3. weneedhelp says:

    Mr.Thompson you should back off your the one that voted for a out of county firm to come to Cumberland County to do the work on the Vine St. school, and not use county workers

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