It is now a substantiated rumor

As of 4:40 pm today, the rumor I posted has been confirmed.

Twenty-five years after leaving his post as director of the Cumberland County Office on Aging and the Disabled, Millville City Commissioner Dale Finch is considering re-applying for the job.

Finch, 61, said Wednesday that he has been contacted by current members of the office and encouraged to apply for the position, which will be made vacant when current director Misono Miller retires at the end of this month.


23 Responses to It is now a substantiated rumor

  1. meagain says:

    And your point is? Compare this to Marchand’s six figure pension and then him being “rewarded” or perhaps we should call it “bought” with a Workmens’ Comp. Judgeship at around $120,000+ built in increases. All this after he was rejected by his own colleagues on the State Bar Committee(one can only wonder why he was rejected) in his attempt to be a Superior Court Judge and his comments in the paper “it doesn’t pay as much as a regular Judge but it’s OK”. Hard to believe someone who collects $220,000.00 plus benefits per year would complain about the salary! That is the epitomy of politics and plain greed at it’s absolute worst.

  2. Deep Throat says:

    Meagain is correct about Marcand. It is pure greed and should not be legal. The difference is that Marchand got a state appointment. This site seems to be directed at the county government and Lou’s abuse of the system.
    Back to the point. Dale Finch thought he was a lock for the public works job that no show Olbrich got.
    He still needs to be rewarded for going to Sumner Lippicott with Quinn and Derella to press for the removal of Steve Wymbs at the CCIA. This lead to Sumner’s resignation days later.
    He will get this job, because Quinn wants something that he won’t have to work so hard for.

  3. Deep Throat says:

    But much more like Don Rainear at the CCIA as a consultant. $130,000 and since he is not an employee, he does not have to be there everyday. He can still collect his pension.

  4. meagain says:

    Politics as usual both here and in Trenton. Why and how could Marchand become a Workmens Comp Judge when he could not get the “green light ” from his own colleagues at the State Bar Committee for a Superior Court Judgeship? Read online that perhaps even Judge Stanger (Republican, I believe and his own brother opposed his nomination). Barely a word written in the papers concerning why and how this incredible move was “pulled off”! Now the taxpayers support his lifestyle and his quarter of a million dollar salary and pension. Sure had help from somewhere. Disgusting!

  5. Curious says:

    You mean just like our new prosecutor who was rejected by the Cumberland County Bar? That is supposed to be a death sentence for an appointment. No matter, she will be a judge in 6 months.

  6. Curious says:

    While apppointments are on the table, How come Ken Tomasso is still at the prosecutors office? Magazzu always blamed the 2 Kens for the Bigley. Casella is gone, Ken Paliughi is gone, Ken Tomasso is still there. Now that really makes me CURIOUS

  7. meagain says:

    Me too, what’s your theory on Tomasso and Marchand? Why did Marchand nto get the State Bar approval? What was the situation alluded to in the media about difficulties with his brother and the handling of their mother’s estate? What does the retired Superior Court Judge Stanger have to do with the process? Why did he still get The Workmens Comp Judgeship? Why didn’t the new Prosecutor get local Bar approval as you stated? So many questions unanswered.

  8. Deep Throat says:

    Very interesting why Tomasso is still at the prosecutor office. Curious, I have to disagree with your theory on the new prosecutor only being there 6 months. She was promised a judgeship when the next democrat judge retires. That will be Judge Fisher. To get the judgeship she had to take the prosecutor job to get rid of Casella. She was lied to. She will not get moved up to a judge until there is a democrat back in the governors office or until her 5 year term is up. Dems will not open the prosecutor position up
    to be filled by a republican. She is so naive. Not the best skill set for a prosecutor.

  9. Grinch says:

    Deep Throat, why isn’t the Cc Prosecutor job not a good job in and of itself. I bet a lot of local lawyers would kill for the job. Seems like a lot of salary and perks to me. Am I missing something or could Jennifer just be trying to make a living for herself. She may not have decades of experience but what County prosecutor did when they were first hired. Did Casella have experience. He’s a great guy but did he have Prosecuting experience. Jennifer is no dummy. She should have your support even if she is a Democrat.

  10. WuLi says:

    I have talked with friends in the prosecutor’s office and they feel positive about Jennifer.

    What I have heard is that she was brought in to reduce staff – and is going to axe a lot if positions. That is the thing that bothers me most – since the office beefed up staff against Lou’s best wishes, the crime stats in the county have improved dramatically.

    I don’t know whether it is part of a national trend and unrelated to having the manpower to actually do the job or not. Throwing money on problems does not fix them, but you still need the manpower to work efficiently and prosecute.

    In a bad economy, it doesn’t make sense to add more people to the unemployment lines, but Lou seems determined to do just that to those organizations that have gone against his will in the past.

    With the gang problems that we do have in the county – reducing the ability to combat and punish criminal activity is not prudent.

  11. Grinch says:

    The county pays for the Prosecutor staff I think so Jennifer will have pressure to do more with less, like everyone else. I read that the Vine Street building will consolidate the offices so that will be more efficient. At least they didn’t try to build at the library area. That was a disaster with the continuous transportation issue for everyone.

  12. GoGoCumCo says:

    Deep Throat, I have to agree with you. I can’t imagine Lou allowing any of the politicians in his stable to nominate her to be a judge and open up the slot for a republican to run that office.

  13. Lucky the Dog says:

    so funny. If Webb-Mcrae stays as Prosecutor or if she becomes a Judge or if she ever doesn’t convict someone or,or,or, you will be able to say “I told you so”.

  14. meagain says:

    Maybe Webb-Mcrae becomes a Judge and Marchand returns as Prosecutor? Why not reward Marchand with another six figure job to add to his six figure pension? He doesn’t even have to pass the State bar( guess he can’t anyway) to do both jobs? That way he could make about $360 thousand a year at taxpayers expense? Maybe Webb-Mccrae becomes Judge and Magazzu becomes Prosecutor? Or how about ……..?

  15. WuLi says:

    meagain – if you don’t like that Marchand is a judge, you have nobody to blame but your failed Democrat Governor and a Democrat assembly and senate that allowed it to happen. Your double standard amazes me.

  16. Calhoun says:

    Meagain is correct in that of all the last minute appointments by Corzine this one is the most striking in terms of the amount it is costing the public. Marchand already qualifies for a pension that is nearly $100,000/year. And he now is going to be collecting a judge’s salary. However, Wuli also has a point. Meagain you can bitch all you want about Marchand’s sweetheart deal (and you’re absolutely correct) but the whole damned thing was orchestrated by the Democratic Governor and the Democratic Senate. Sweeney or Van Drew alone could have put a stop to this by invoking senatorial courtesy — indeed Van Drew used this to prevent other appointments from going through — and they did not. Maybe Sweeney simply wanted Marchand out of the political landscape so his district, which tilted a bit more Republican this time (Celeste Riley struggled a bit and needed the Democratic vote from Cumberland County to put her over the top), has one more well known R out of the picture. Yeah, Marchand lost his last couple of elections but that shouldn’t lead one to assume he would lose next time around. To Sweeney, Marchand was potential trouble and you know what George Norcross’s (a big time Sweeney supporter and vice versa) thoughts are on how to get rid of a troublemaker — you give them a judgeship! Furthermore, Sweeney may still enjoy getting under Magazzu’s skin, and giving Marchand a judgeship with a big salary is one way to do it.

  17. GoGoCumCo says:

    I read that book too….make em a judge! But why would Sweeney want to get under Lou’s skin? Am I missing something? Don’t they play in the same sandbox?

  18. WuLi says:

    Word on the inside is that Sweeney does not really like Lou. He does what he has to for party unity.

  19. GoGoCumCo says:

    How about the rumor that Van Drew wants Lautenberg’s Senate seat? Since we’re talking party rumors…

  20. Calhoun says:

    If the rumor about Van Drew wanting Lautenberg’s seat is correct, then his ambition clearly outweighs his talent. I think (and truly hope) he has already reached his zenith with his Senate seat. I find him particularly distasteful, even for a politician. I also think that the Democrat brand in New Jersey has sunk and will sink further. I know NJ’s a blue state but things change and the Democrats have been in power a long time and the time is ripe for a political correction at all levels (beyond the governorship). I’m a Democrat but voted for none in the last election, pulling the lever for Daggett for Gov, the Rs for the Assembly and the Independents for Freeholder. Next time I will most likely vote for the Rs for Freeholder. At the state level and below the Democratic party is thoroughly corrupt.

  21. meagain says:

    Calhoun seems to be on target. Except who really knows if Magazzu and Sweeney are now getting along? Agree with Wuli on some of Corzine’s last minute, and in some cases last second appointments, and that the Assemblypeople and especially the Senators failed. Scary thought that Judges become Judges simply because they are viewed by the opposition as a “possible” political threat. There should obviously be a much more thorough inquiry system in place before “anyone” receives a Judgeship of any type. Read some news accounts that reported Marchand could not make it through the Superior Court Judgeship process so that is why they made him a Workmens Comp. Judge. One can only wonder why he failed at Superior Court Judge but media said it could possibly have been input from his own brother and retired Superior Court Judge Stanger. Seems strange his own brother and a professional colleague seemingly turned on him. Thought he and his brother at one time shared a law practice in Bridgeton? Something stinks in Denmark or in this case Trenton. Ahh Jersey politics.

  22. Calhoun says:

    I agree meagain. There should have also been much more coverage of the things you brought up on the Marchand appointment, especially since on the surface it looks as though this may have been an attempt to rid Sweeney’s Third District of a potential Republican challenger. The state is in a huge fiscal hole and our politicians allow someone to pad his pension which already is nearly 100K/year. It’s nuts. What’s also nuts is that even though Sweeney is now the powerful Senate president he still has held onto his Freeholder position. So he is a big-time double-dipper, although he will always remind you that he gives his salary away to charity (but not his pension!). A while back his Senate passed legislation banning the holding of more than one office but it grandfathered those who were currently engaging in this questionable practice. In Sweeney-land it is do as I say, not as I do. Christie should call him (and others, like Senator Sarlo) on this, especially now that he is Senate president.

  23. meagain says:

    Seems to be plenty of smoke regarding that appointment. You know what they say about smoke. Would love to know why or what retired Judge Stanger knows about Marchand to go out of his way to block his appointment as a Superior Court Judge. And at least according to the media, his own brother whom I think he had shared a law office and partnership with, also seems to have objected to him getting a Superior Court Judgeship. Pretty bad when your own brother seems to have turned against you! Guess the standards for a Workmens Comp. Judge must be exceedingly lower and it allowed the powers to be to get him that appoinmtent. My guess is there must be more behind this story than meets the eye. What a reputation.

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