Lou to consider giving up benefits

This just in, Lou is saying he would consider giving up his health benefits to help balance the county budget.

Cumberland County Freeholder Director Lou Magazzu said this week that he may be willing to give up his own county-funded health benefits in order to aid in balancing the county budget.

Magazzu said that, in November, he had asked for an analysis as to the money that would be saved by eliminating health benefits for part-time county employees.

That includes health benefits for members of the board of chosen freeholders who choose to receive the benefit.

Despite not knowing the exact figures, Magazzu said he believes the move would provide “significant savings.”

I have been saying for months that the cost savings would be significant, and would like to believe that this website played no small part in this great move forward. This is a terrific start, but it must encompass all boards and all part time employees to be worthwhile.


2 Responses to Lou to consider giving up benefits

  1. Deep Throat says:

    Take a deep breath. He said he would CONSIDER giving up his health benefits.That is a long way from giving them up. Lou also has connections. He will not give them up unless he can get tham somewhere else. That, or get more than enough tax dollars somewhwere else to more than make up for them.
    Watch for a Sweeney, Norcross. Van Drew move to give him something. It may not be so transparent. Kind of like the millions in bond work to a law firm and he gets hired.
    He pulled that one before.
    No one noticed.

  2. Benefitgate says:

    Seems like he is reversing direction now that the county conveniently has a benefit opt out option that would pay him not to take the insurance at the tune of a few thousand more dollars.

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