Jobs for county workers? Only if you are Lou’s friend

I see Mango rec’d the same email from one of our loyal following that I did.  It covered several topics, and Mango decided to post the part about Nelson Thompson working diligently to prohibit county residents from gainful employment unless they are members of one of his Camden County unions.

What struck me most was the following:

While jobs for the county workers are on the chopping block, Magazzu is busy finding his buddies work.  Don Ohlbrich and Don Rainear have been taken care of. Now it’s time to help Dale Finch and Jim Quinn.  Finch will get the office on aging job (despite the fact he had many problems when he ran the CATS program and left just before he would have to face the music.)  Jim Quinn is pushing for the job that was eliminated over a year ago held by Carmen Bischer as head of the board of health.  Hopefully, members of the board of health will think of the taxpayers first.  If Magazzu can’t get support from members of the board of health, he will probably find a way to appoint additional members until he has a majority vote for Quinn.  Then there is the Mental Health position created with Ethan Aronoff’s retirement.  The problem with this position, is that you need to be qualified and willing to work hard.


2 Responses to Jobs for county workers? Only if you are Lou’s friend

  1. Over Taxed says:

    Why is there a need to be qualified for the Mental Health position? None of the recent appointees have been qualified. Call Bridgeton Trvel Trailer to find out the details on this process.

  2. oinkforfreedom says:

    Time will tell but there is a pattern here for sure!!

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