Cumberland County Dems spent like crazy

My entire life I have been told that the Republicans are the party of the rich, the party of privilege, the party of money. I have been involved in the Republican Party in Cumberland County, and I must be missing something. In the News of Cumberland County today:

While the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission reported this week most county party organizations have less money in their war chests now because of the economic recession and new pay-to-play restrictions, that is not the case for Democrats in the state’s poorest county.

A report filed earlier this month by the Cumberland County Democratic Organization showed that the party raised $370,397.50 in monetary receipts in 2009, spending $363,497.83.

That is more than in 2003, which ELEC officials state was the “peak year” for expenditures by county committees – that year, Cumberland County Democrats spent $316,278.41.

Can you imagine the good this money could have done if it was spent on eliminating the cause of Cumberland County being the poorest county?

I must snicker, however. A while back Tim Shannon announced he was running for city commission. Lou Magazzu apparently misunderstood and assumed Tim was running for Freeholder. This scared the bejesus out of Lou, and he immediately texted Jim Quinn with instructions to tell Shannon that Lou had a “$500,000 war chest.” Seems like Lou stretched the truth a little on that one!


7 Responses to Cumberland County Dems spent like crazy

  1. Grinch says:

    How much did the R’s spend and would what ever they spent do good if it “was spent on eliminating the cause of Cumberland County being the poorest county?” Reality check time. Don’t speak for Shannon. He is a big boy and can speak for himself. Did Quinn show you the text? Maybe Shannon is the great white hope for next election. Better start saving your campaign funds.

  2. Lobster Claws says:

    Sounds like sour grapes, especially considering that money was gathered through donations. Though using that money for the common good, I don’t know, how could you do that? Maybe you can concoct some socialist scheme to take money from some and give it to others.

  3. WuLi says:

    Oh Lobster – you disappoint me. We have a clear money trail proving that this money was quid pro quo – tit for tat – unions and Norcross and Camden interests ensuring that political cronies continue to be appointed to no-show jobs complete with benefits and inflated pensions.

  4. WuLi says:

    Grinch – Quinn did not show me the text, I am just taking Quinn’s word for it.

  5. GoGoCumCo says:

    I’m sure the money is coming from donations but it is the source of those donations that would prove most interesting. I’m sure theres no increase in donations from the average in-county taxpayer. I think WuLi is probably correct, the Norcross Machine has finally taken over the Cumberland Co. political scene. I think some of the most recent decisions of the Freeholder Board are proof of that…don’t you think?

  6. Oystercracker1 says:

    You can bet your sweet bippy that WE are going to be paying for those “donations” for decades.

    Thanks Corzine for delivering on your promise to bring ETHICS to NJ politics. Oh, and enjoy your vacation.

  7. Lucky the Dog says:

    Didn’t a teacher union from the DC area send some big cash? So if you take away all of the teachers, union guys, architects, insurance people, engineers, politicos and lawyers who’s left? Millville first?

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