Jose Velez to get a very Greedy salary courtesy of Lou, or “Women are worth less than men”

A friend just emailed me this item for the Watch:

What’s this I hear that Freeholder Pepitone pushed to have the Social Services (Welfare) Board of Trustees rehire Jose Velez to take Jennifer Webb-McRae’s place. Jose had the position until he was required to choose either the Welfare Board’s Child-advocate Counselor or Vineland’s Municipal Judgeship. At the time Social Services was paying Velez $98,000 for what amounted to less than a week’s work. Velez chose the judgeship. Jennifer was hired at a salary of $62,000 to replace Velez. Then Velez lost his judgeship when the Romano administration replaced the Barse team, leaving Velez without a job. Now Jennifer was recently appointed County Prosecutor leaving an opening at Social Services. This maneuver has allowed Velez to return to his former Welfare position, and I hear his new salary will be $88,400. Also, does that mean he goes in as an employee to also receive benefits? Why should Velez receive more money than Webb-McRae for the same work? If this is true, then Pepitone, who has allowed this to happen, has one, if not two strikes against him in this upcoming Freeholder election.

If this is true it is yet another proof of Lou Magazzu’s misogyny. Lou obviously believes women are worth less than their male counterparts. $88,400 is certainly a very “greedy salary” and I wonder how Lou can allow this to happen? After all, Lou made a big stink about constitutional officers taking their legally mandated salary, insisting that anything over $75,000 a year was greedy.


3 Responses to Jose Velez to get a very Greedy salary courtesy of Lou, or “Women are worth less than men”

  1. Amused says:

    Velez was not doing his job when he was a lawyer for social services the last time. He was required to attend court one day a week. He simply sent letters to the court. There were serious questions about the actual hours worked. The top staff did not want him back. He was replaced as judge because of the poor work performance. The cases were not moving, and the backlog was growing. His reward for poor job performance? $1,700.00 for 20 hours a week & benefits. Proves that there is money in poverty.

  2. Lobster Claws says:

    Why does this guy always get sweet jobs? Isn’t it time to take him out of circulation?

  3. Lucky the Dog says:

    It’s the Puerto Rican vote man. Duh !!

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