The CCIA Woes…

In Today’s Ben Column – some back and forth on the CCIA

“Last year, and before election day, Cumberland County freeholders claimed that the county was ‘fiscally sound’ with a comfortable surplus.
“Now, Lou & Co. are claiming a deficit of $4-$8 million.
“Last year, the Cumberland County Improvement Authority was ‘one of the most financially secure authorities in the state.’
“Now, (Donald) Rainear (appointed by Lou & Co.) is claiming that the authority is in bad shape financially.
“Both Magazzu and Rainear offer pretty lame explanations when asked, ‘Where has all the money gone in such a short time?’
“Could it be that Lou & Co. want to work a deal which would allow Lou to get his hands on that unspent bonded money so that he can build the prosecutor’s office, veterans chapel and announce that he has once again ‘saved the day’?
“This ‘deal’ would probably result in him announcing that there would be no layoffs or furloughs for the county workers and no tax increase for the taxpayers of this county.
“One thing for sure, something is brewing.
“Keep your eyes open, Freeholder Thompson.’’
— we’ll be watching

How are the explanations lame?
It is what it is.
In the separation agreement with Steve Wymbs, it was stated there would be no blame cast by either side.
That didn’t sound like the story at the last freeholder meeting.
It sounded like Wymbs was blamed.
It sounded like bond counsel was blamed.
It all started with Wymbs having a contract as executive director of the CCIA that all the king’s men couldn’t break.
The CCIA board said, “Whoa!’’
The contract didn’t come from Pep Boys.
Then it escalated to why are we bonding for more landfill space when everybody knows we’re losing tonnage?
The approval to expand the landfill didn’t come down on stone tablets.
Who knew we would lose tonnage?
The cry back then was, “What is the world going to do with all this trash?!’’
The Cumberland County landfill was going to the World’s Fair as an example of how garbage should be handled at a time when other counties were stinking to high heaven.
Today, everything stinks.
And one of the ways to help get out of it is to unbond expansion.


2 Responses to The CCIA Woes…

  1. Guess-Who says:

    What is the Amount that C.C.I.A. has in a/their/our General Fund?(Cash on Hand in the Bank).
    What is the Net Worth of the Authority as a Whole for the close of the Fiscal Year ending 2009?

    Does anyone know what they (C.C.I.A.) collected just for the tipping fees last yr(2009)? or the overall Revenue this Authority Generated in 2009?
    It is set Up for All the Citizens of Cumberland County to Benefit from Profits C.C.I.A. Generates in the form of Grants & Loans of some fashion?

    The Expansion to the Landfill was Approved by the Freeholder Board in June of 2009, yet the Director NOW claims this is a Bad Investment for the County.
    Has L. Magazzu L{.}{.}Ked at the FACTS or is he just Talking out his Ass along with the others that are claiming this Non-Sense about the Expansion of the Landfill.

    With Interest Rates at there LOWEST in Decades(EVER) Bonding is CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP; just ask the Utility over at VMEU about IT, if you don’t believe Me!

    Be prepared for this to get National Press Coverage, just remember IT is NOT only Trash, IT is the CA$H the Public has a Very VESTED INTEREST in this Authority GENERATES!

    Checks and Balance make the County a Better Place

  2. Calhoun says:

    Previously (28 January) I commented, “Only a complete and utter ass can buy Whelan and Magazzu’s ‘we didn’t know’ excuse regarding the landfill’s declining revenues due to decreased use.” Now we get Hummel yammering “Who knew we would lose tonnage?” Hey Jack, I can tell you who would not know — a complete and utter ass. All landfills lose tonnage during economic downturns. If you don’t like my crude diet analogy, do a Google search using “landfills” and “recession” and you will come up with a slew of hits on the decreased use of landfills due to the economic downturn. Who knew we would lose tonnage? I will tell you: Every non-ass out there.

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