Rainear is temporary

In today’s The News of Cumberland County:

Last night I faced accusations that this sight was pure fiction. I suspect that the coverage and conjectures concerning the CCIA play a part in creating that person’s impression.

However – was it fiction when we reported – along with several notable news sources – that Lou wanted to opt his long-time loyalist Brendan Kavanaugh into the state PERS pension system? If it was fiction, then Lou himself was the propagator of that fairytale.

Is it fiction that the state pension system is rife for abuse, as is the consensus of most intelligent New Jersey taxpayers? I would have to say that this website has a very good record of being on point. I suppose what I am asking for, is that someone that has not benefited from King Lou’s largess step up to the plate and make the same declarations – of his beneficence and kind-heartedness.

But I digress. This is about Don Rainear – another recipient of the kindness of the D-machine – and the story in today’s paper:

Donald Rainear does not want to be a permanent replacement for former Cumberland County Improvement Authority Executive Director Steve Wymbs.

That’s according to his contract with the CCIA, which was obtained Tuesday from Rainear.

The contract specifies the type of work that Rainear would be doing for the CCIA as a consultant being paid a maximum amount of $130,000 for taking over administrative duties of the CCIA in light of Wymbs resignation last year.

WAIT A MINUTE! One Hundred and Thirty GREEDY Thousand Dollars?  That is three times the household median income in Cumberland County! And Don does not even live in the county! Once again, our money floating out of the county! Why couldn’t this UNELECTED recipient of government funds have worked for a reasonable and not greedy $75,000?

Lou is making sure that the fact that Don is not availing himself of the health plan – could it be that he is already covered under another health plan? – but has downplayed this obscene salary that even Gloria Noto would never ask for! If Gloria is Greedy for asking merely to receive the state mandated minimum salary that every male counterpart in the state earns, how can Don Rainear not be greedy for asking for, an receiving $23,000 MORE?  I know of many families in this county that earn $23,000 or less.  Guess what, they do not get a reduction in the property taxes the county expects.  They pay the same share towards tipping fees for their trash to be hauled. And Don Rainear laughs in their face with this exorbitant salary courtesy of King Lou.

Anyway – back to the fantasy that this website is known for – the reason Rainear is temporary is that Lou will once again make the move to absorb the CCIA as a county department, removing the semi-autonomy it enjoyed as a quasi-governmental agency. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a move to make the board positions  provide compensation for attending meetings (or not attending meetings if you are Todd Edwards – yeah – I suppose we made that story up, too) and pension benefits unless Chris Christie follows through with his promise to derail that gravy train.

At the very least, Lou is working to increase his ability to tap into the resources of the CCIA and use or misuse the reserves to funnel more money to his friends and compatriots. Only time will tell if this is fact or fable.


10 Responses to Rainear is temporary

  1. Lobster Claws says:

    I really wish you would stop comparing salaries to median incomes in Cumberland County. Yes, you often have a point that salaries are too high, but comparing it to the county’s median income, which is impacted by a number of things, including illiteracy, lack of education and, let’s be honest, laziness, is disingenuous.

    Your argument is valid without the strawman.

  2. WuLi says:

    And you are inferring that the median income could have nothing to do with the scarcity of job that pay a livable wage?

    With a 13% unemployment rate, you can’t blame everyone that doesn’t have a good-paying job with being lazy.

    Fact – Cumberland County has the lowest median income in the state, and is at 70.7% of the state median.

    Fact, Cumberland County has the highest unemployment rate in the state.

    (numbers are courtesy the US Government – http://www.ers.usda.gov/data/unemployment/RDList2.asp?ST=NJ)

    In order for numbers to have any impact, there has to be a baseline for comparison. I prefer to use the median income as a baseline, in order to give people some sort of basis for comparison.

    If the median income in NJ was $100,000 a year, then an unelected bureaucrat earning $130,000 a year would not be as egregious. Even using New jersey’s $70,000 per year as the baseline, $13oK is not out of line. But when you are asking people that are trying to raise a family of four on $40,000 a year – without the benefit of a generous state health plan – to do without necessities in order to pay political cronies absurd salaries, they do have a right to know, and a right to have information on which to base their judgments.

  3. Guess-Who says:

    Isn’t IT a Mute Point NOW on the AMOUNT C.C.I.A. is Paying the Consultant, If he has Signed on until Jan of 2011 with a Contract to Consult the Authority at $130,000.

    Will the Authority Benefit from using a Consultant compared to a Director to Lead C.C.I.A.?

    Does this Board of Directors want to Appoint another Director at ALL or do they just plan to keep using only an Appointed Consultant in the Future as a Permanent Replacement?

    Will this System Work to the Advantage of & for the Tax-Payers of Cumberland County,NJ? or will it C0$T the Tax-Payers more? & add even more Responsibility of paying off any Debt from the Bonding to Expand the Landfill?

    Checks and Balance make the County a Better Place

  4. Calhoun says:

    Wuli’s argument is better with the strawman. Our elected leaders are partly to blame for our county’s terrible median income. Don’t hesitate to keep reminding MWatch readers of how terrible it is. Lobster Claws accused you of being disingenuous. However, it is terribly disingenuous of anyone to imply that our County polticians have not contributed to the County’s terrible standing
    regarding “illiteracy” and “lack of education”. I am going to punt on the LClaws’ “laziness” charge, since I think some of our laziest citizens are those who are well educated and politically connected, and those don’t really contribute to the County’s standing regarding poverty.

  5. Lobster Claws says:

    So, officials working in Morris, Bergen and Somerset Counties are worth more than those working in our county, simply by virtue of our median income? That makes no sense. That reasoning represents a false argument, especially in this instance, where the topic of the discussion is the CCIA.

  6. WuLi says:

    The average office assistant working in the private sector in Morris, Bergen and Somerset counties earn more than one in Cumberland.

    Sorry to shatter your illusions, but that is the real world. Please defend your stance that the public sector should be different from the private sector.

  7. County Observer says:

    Here is why Lou, Don Rainear and their cronies on the CCIA are probably going through this charade of having Don act as a part-time independent contractor instead of a full-time employee. By New Jerey law (N.J. Stat. § 43:16A-15.3), if a former member of the retirement system who has been granted a retirement allowance, for any cause other than disability, becomes employed again in a position which makes him eligible to be a member of the retirement system, his retirement allowance and the right to any death benefit as a result of his former membership, is automatically canceled until he again retires. The current arrangement allows an end run around that rule, which is likely to cost the taxpayers a lot more money in the long run (because the employee can collect a big pension and a hefty public salary simultaneously). You be the judge as to whether that should be allowed in light of that rule.

  8. County Observer says:

    Sorry, wrong cite on that last post. The correct New Jersey law is found at § 43:15A-57.2. (The other one was for police and firemen only; the concept is nevertheless the same in each law.)

  9. Why? says:

    I like County Observer comments. You seen very knowledgeable. Is Don Rainear still running Bridgeton DMV? I understand you were supposed to reside in the county that the DMV office is located. I also was told by a former DMV appointee in the past, you could not have any other employment. Rules do not seem to apply to Magazzu cronies.

  10. WuLi says:

    As I hear it Don Rainear is no longer in charge of the Bridgeton DMV – that job went to another soldier/loyalist. Those jobs don’t go to people that are actually qualified to run the operation, but to political supporters.

    I don’t know if there is a residency requirement for these jobs – personally I believe there should be. It is obvious that Lou Magazzu doesn’t believe that county money should stay in the county, as he is always giving jobs and no-bid contracts to entities that do not reside in the county.

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