Circling the wagons defending Rainear

They are circling the wagons, defending Don Rainear.

Donald Rainear is going to do a great job getting the Cumberland County Improvement Authority back on firmer footing.
If you haven’t talked to him about it, you don’t know anything about it.
Nobody is blaming anybody at this point.
Nothing is ever as good as it seems or as bad as it seems.
And we can tell you, things were good for the CCIA.
Then, things beyond its control happened.
Things outside of Cumberland County.
It will never be the cash cow it once was.
There are some things Rainear still needs to find out before he can even begin to make recommendations.
And he will find them out.
Donald Rainear doesn’t speak before he knows what he’s talking about.
That’s why he’s the right man for this job right now.
Wish him luck.
There are some hard decisions that have to be made on a process the county already has over $3 million invested in.
Donald Rainear is nobody’s lackey and never has been.
If you were around when he was mayor of Bridgeton, you’d know that.
He’s been places people in Cumberland County government have not only never been, but never will be.
Put away your barbs before you wind up looking like a fool.
There are already enough people to pick on.
Don’t add Rainear to your list.
He’s the one who’s going to be making the big recommendation.
To the CCIA board.
They’re going to have to take his word for it, although he’ll be able to back it all up.
Somebody picked the right man for the job.
That he doesn’t want to stick around for more than a year in this capacity tells you he’s got bigger things to do.

Wow, Jack – that is some piece of prose.  You are defending a man that is taking a very greedy $130,000 a year salary (a salary that was made up out of thin air with absolutely no legal mandate, Lou Magazzu could have insisted on a “sane $75,000 a year” which is more than enough for someone in Cumberland County, in Lou’s words) but will disparage sheriff candidates, surrogate candidates, clerk candidates for taking the legally mandated salary that is much less than $130,000 a year. Utter hypocrisy – if $75,000 is the magic number – then EVERY new employee should be held to that threshold, not just opponents in an election.

Has Don Rainear ever had a job where he wasn’t feeding from the public trough?  Why hasn’t he ever lasted more than a few years at any single job if he is as qualified and shining a star as you would have us believe?

True, I have never met the man, and he may be eminently qualified. He might be the ticket – but anyone that comes up through Magazzu’s ranks comes tinged with suspicion.  I can’t help but notice others that Lou has appointed: the slumlord Joe Veight as shared services coordinator who has cost the county more than he has saved; Todd Edwards at the CCUA getting paid and reaping benefits for a no-show position… need I continue? Lou has a less than exemplary record of endorsing qualified and diligent individuals, so excuse me if I reserve judgment on Rainear.

Oh – and it is alright to blame receding revenues f the CCUA on a waning economy – just be sure to credit the rebounding economy when those revenues pick up again.


15 Responses to Circling the wagons defending Rainear

  1. Oystercracker1 says:

    Of Course, Donnie is qualified. Lou hired him, didn’t he? Heck, Donnie does Lou’s bidding, he’s an out of work lawyer, can’t hold a job, feeds off of the public. Sounds like he’s a perfect fit. Sorta sounds like Lou’s twin.

  2. whatup says:

    Interesting that you can be so critical and inflamatory to a man you never met, Interesting, but certainly not unusual for your rantings. This so called website has become more a Democrat bashing site rather than a Magazzu Watch site. If a D does it, it has to be bad, if an R does it is either good, (at least in your world) or if it’s so obviously bad, not a word mentioned about it on this site. If you are to have any credibility left there is a dire need for balance and fairness. That would also include the ceasing of deleting comments based upon your discriminatory and biased views. I am sure you will continue to delete comments that are factual, but that may be embarassing to your Republican friends. Maybe Jack should write about how this site deletes comments that it doesn’t like about it’s Republican friends. What time does the book burning begin?

  3. WuLi says:

    The only trash that you posted that has been deleted have been the items that clearly violated our TOS policy (Protocol link on the menu bar) which you repeatedly ignore.

    You are free to post any argument however far-fetched, criticize us, and rebut.

    However, you are not free to SPAM the site – read the TOS – SPAM is defined as not only commercial emails but the repeated posting of the same comment over and over – an infraction of which you are guilty.

    Post your argument once, in the topic where it is appropriate – and then you go on to your NEXT point. Simply copying and pasting the same comment over and over is called SPAM and will not be tolerated, as commercial posts and profanity are not tolerated. This is NOT open for debate – so please – continue with your defense of Don Rainear, which is what this article is about.

    This site is about Lou Magazzu and the Cumberland County politics that involve him – as such, since Lou has never appointed an R in any position, it would be hard for us to criticize his political involvement with R’s. This is a little logical argument which your puny brain is incapable of understanding because you are simply a D political hack that surely is benefiting in one way or another from your ardent support.

  4. Why? says:

    Jack Hummel is the poster child for the “Peter Principle.” He passed his level of competency when he was promoted past paper delivery boy. The first day he railed in the BEN column about Don Rainear. To listen to him. Rainear was the second coming of Christ. Now it seems to me that Rainear was mayor of Bridgeton for 20 years. This was during the economic collapse of the city.
    I mention this, because in the same issue of the Bridgeton paper is a front page article about the collapse of the downtown of Bridgeton.
    Rainear was incapable of planning for the future
    Every budget was based on live for today and the hell with the future.
    Now, according to Jack the Ass Hummel, Rainear is the only living personwhose opinion is relevant in the CCIA discussion.
    Remember, my friends. Figure’s don’t lie, but liar’s figure.
    The freeholders are wringing their hands at the terrible financial condition of the CCIA.
    The CCIA only has $10 mil. in reserves on a $15 mil buget.
    The county has about $10 mil reserve on a $150 mil. budget.
    The financial situation of the CCIA is not in the dire straights that Magazzu and his cronies want the public to believe.
    They must jstify killing the expansion of the cells at the CCIA. If the unions find out that the project is viable and Magazzu is sticking it to them again.
    Then one would see that unions will finally pull the plug on Magazzu and his idiot puppets running this year. Thompson & Pepitone two idiots that are perfect together.

  5. Deep Throat says:

    I was amused at the Hummel comment that Don Rainear only took a one year contract because he has bigger fish to fry. The only fish he has to fry are his brother’s flounder.
    He has been begging for a job for 2 years. He knew he was going to be fired at the DRBA long before it actually happened. He was given the Bridgeton DMV until Magazzu could force Wymbs out at the CCIA after the election.

  6. CCIA Employee says:

    I find it very interesting, that the man slated to replace Mr. Wymbs is following in his shoe steps. Not answering emails, not given direction to this employee & in general not managing where management is sorley needed.

    Good (or at least adequate management)has been needed at the CCIA during my entire tenure. There is no love lost between myself & Mr. Wymbs. Mr. Rainear, however, has, in my opinion, just been sent to the CCIA by the so-called “powers-that-be” to find justifications for decisions that have long ago been made.

    What is happening here & has been going on for a long, long time is a lot like that TV show Survivor. Act too smart & competent & “the tribe has spoken” go along, don’t make waves, and generally “sit down & shut up” and you live to feed you family for one more week.

    If you choose to muddle along & kiss backside, well the world’s your oyster. Take a look out who has credentials, education or previous pertinent experience at the Authority. Or who doesn’t. See who has CCIA vehicles. Or who doesn’t. See who has special accommodations in their office. Or who doesn’t.

    I put myself through college completely on my own. And, I have very proudly raised a wonderful young lady all on my own. I am certified in my field. Have a fairly high IQ. And, consider myself like-able, to most people, and professional.

    I chose the field I did because I thought I could make some kind of difference in this world. I believe it is close to a sin to waste the talents God has given you. But (and there is always a but) I have a daughet to fed and educate.

    God it has made me physically ill! Count how many times my emails, memos and phone calls, to my direct report no less, went unanswered. My guess, over all these years is must be in the hundreds. One that is very outstanding in my mind is when I wanted to apply for a new Federal Grant that would provide much needed funds to serve low-income and disabled workers in the County, I never received an answer. God answers us often like that. But, come-on Steve Wymbs God – please.

    But seriously, I just wish for my own health and the benefit of the County as a whole, I could use my talents productively to help address the numerous issues facing this County. It is just the way of the world, I guess, that the best and the brightest are often looked as a threat instead of a resource.

    Thank you for listening to me rant. There are so many wonderful and deserving people in Cumberland. Please – let yourself be heard. This is your government.

  7. whatup says:

    Guess Wuli and people who agree with his views are the only ones allowed to break so called TOS policy of these Republican website! Can point out numerous infractions that were allowed if Wuli agreed with the comments. He is perhaps the biggest abuser when it comes to profanity. And you cannot give a SINGLE example of the posting of the exact same comment over and over again. If you hadn’t deleted so many of the comments that you didn’t like just because they were factual and embarassing to a certain Republican those that read this blog could see the truth. Guess Wuli can’t handle the truth if it is about some of his Republican friends. Why? in his ranting obviously has a problem with Don Rainear. He is highly critical of him despite his TOTAL lack of knowledge! From what I’ve read Rainear was the last Mayor in the history of Bridgeton to do a good job. Certainly those that were around Bridgeton during those years will tell you that (and not just Jack) if you bother to ask. Guess just because he is a Dem. this obviously Republican site will allow anyone to disparage an outstanding record of public service. Then because he doesn’t agree with Jack Hummel he sinks to name calling. The site is becoming more laughable and without credibility under Wuli’s control. Everyone knows he is the former Millville Republican Chairman and that this site is not just about Magazzu but about every Democrat that Wuli and friends feel free to attack. This site and Wuli are the internet’s answer to Rush Limbaugh, perhaps you all should consider some meds (sure your buddy Rush can help you locate some) to make your site a little more objective and unbiased. When was the last time if ever there was a disparaging article about ANY Republican on this site? NEVER would be the answer. Your hatred of Dems and your deleting of posts has overridden any objectivity of the site and is making it laughable at best.

  8. Curious says:

    Word on the street is that little brother Dougie is still whining about not getting the PERS retirement package for surrogate job. He is now going to go for the full $100K+ salary for surrogate. Must figure no one will remember in 4 years.

  9. Oystercracker1 says:

    You are indeed correct! Dougie is said to be foaming at the mouth about not being able to follow Marchand’s lead.

    If Dougie does go to full salary, that is another example of how he operates. A few years ago, when questioned about holding 2 elective positions (Freeholder and Upper Deerfield Twp. Committeeman) he announced that he would donate his Committeeman salary to township organizations such as the Fire and Rescue Departments…. One hears that he did contribute a wee tiny amount, but not anywhere near his full salary. Guess he thought no one would find out.

    I think an OPRA request is in order here.

  10. Guess-Who says:

    Cut & Paste is becoming a Problem Here on the Watch
    buy a Few Users!
    L{.}{.}K at some of the latest threads & the same Posts are REPEATED.
    What is the Federal Program that could have Resorted in $$$ for Cumberland County,NJ?
    The FACTS will answer all the Questions the Public has about C.C.I.A. & where the Authority stands in the Financial World.
    The Public has a Vested Interest in the REVENUE that is being GENERATED by the Tipping Fees & other Investments that C.C.I.A. has Decided to Invest Our Money!

    The $1,000,000.00 that was APPROVED by the Board of Directors at C.C.I.A. only Raises more QUESTIONS about this Approval; If the Authority is so Low on CA$H!
    1) Why NOT have Millville RETURN the Money to C.C.I.A. instead of giving it (One Million Dollar) Forgivable Loan to the Levoy Theater?

    If $10 Million is in the Bank for C.C.I.A., then this is very Promising to Hear as this has been Posted on this Site Magazzuwatch by a Member.

    So IT (Financial) is clearly NOT the Issue of Concern that the Freeholder[s] & others or trying to make IT out to Be!

  11. Grinch says:

    Guess-Who just gave me a brain tumor? Correct.

  12. whatup says:

    Point is if this site is to ever have any credibility a more balanced approach and the elimination of what is obviously a partisan Republican viewpoint needs to be eliminated. MW is what it is, but now it has morphed into a plain attack on only Dems. Criticisms of Reps. are never posted or comments are deleted. That is fine if that is the goal of the site, but let’s at least be honest about the bias that is continual on this site.

  13. WuLi says:

    “Criticisms of Reps. are never posted or comments are deleted.”

    Hey brainless – why do you continue with blatant lies? All one has to do is to look at the many comments you posted libeling Art Marchand – copying and pasting the same post again and again SPAMMING the forum – forcing me to take action. ALL of those posts stand except for the very last one – and that only because it had NOTHING TO DO WITH the topic at hand.

    You are a purely partisan hack – you are so dim-witted that you cannot connect the dots – Lou Magazzu is a Democrat, but only you in your infantile mind would perceive that he is being watched by this site because he is a D rather than because he is what we believe to be corrupt to the core.

    You are so much of a coward that you hide behind a fake identity, drawing improper conclusions – pretending that this is partisan rather than R’s and D’s and Independents all being sick and tired of Lou Magazzu abusing his position of power.

    For the record, I am the ONLY Republican of the very many that are behind this website. You are a liar, because you know this and continue to attempt to mislead our readers. But then, what more could we expect from a coward that hides behind Lou Magazzu’s skirts?

  14. whatup says:

    WOW such anger and hatred from the webmaster of this site. Of course some of your claims are just plain false. More than one comment has been deleted, but then again only you would know that since you are in charge. Show one article (not a comment) that has taken ANY Republican to task since the inception of this site. As far as being off subject the entire site is rampant with comments that have been “off topic”, but only selected comments usually ones you disagree with are deleted. Where in my comments did I say Magazzu is being watched because he is a D? NO where would be the answer. Surely you are sane enough to recognize your partianship and the fact that it influences your ability to be objective. All I was suggesting is that this so called Magazzu Watch would be better served if there was much more objectivity rather than the constsnat attack on every D in office. No need for more of your name calling. It doesn’t serve you well as the webmaster. Delete this if you must. Doesn’t matter to me one way or the other. Ps. I have NEVER copied and posted or spammed your site and I urge you to check. But I have had several comments deleted.

  15. whatup says:

    Likewise don’t confuse facts and referring to news reports as libel.

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