Open Budget Hearings

My friend, the opinionated one that expressed distaste for Don Rainear and his recent pessimistic report on the CCIA also has profound views on Lou’s so-called open budget hearings. I already expressed my view – that anyone that disagrees with Lou publicly will bear the brunt of his rage.  If he cannot humiliate you publicly, he will go after your private life, and attempt to destroy your family. This is fact, people, not fiction. Anyway, here are some thoughts on the budget… (as usual, I have embellished)

This Monday will be the first “open” budget hearings at the administration building. My first thought was “why are they holding them on a day when the county is closed and the building will have to be opened and overtime paid”. Maybe I’m wrong on this thought, but I wondered anyway.

The freeholders will look at the budgets for Planning/Dev.; Veteran’s affairs; Bd. of Elections; and Supt. of Schools. I don’t imagine they will distribute copies of the 2009 expenditures for those departments so that the public would be able to see the actual monies spent and make educated decisions.  I’m planning on attending and hope others will too.

Planning and Economic Development will need to address fees for consultants, lunches, dinners, memberships in professional organizations, conferences, etc. ( Is the Camden County Freeholder Director still the solicitor for the planning board? His appointment was up in January, but they probably are just holding him over so you don’t notice the resolution.)

I wonder if the Veteran’s affairs will address the chapel and accompanying sewer extensions! And whatever happened to discussing Todd Edwards’ lack of attendance at the CCUA meetings, the Vine Street School, the constantly in-need-of-repair courthouse… some things just slide away.


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  1. Dean G says:

    For some bizarre reason only half of the blog post is being displayed, is it my browser or the site?

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