All we need is Rainear’s word…

Jack Hummel printed my reply to the Ben Column trying to set up a lunch date with Don Rainear and I.

“Rather than lunch with Don Rainear, which I would love, we would probably end on a friendly basis because I am not really a bad guy in person.
“Why not have Don publish those graphs and charts in the column?
“Perhaps we could have some comparative data on other improvement authorities in the state?
“My opinion is not what matters, but the truth.’’
— Carl B. Johnson

The charts are merely visual aids.
What he says is the most important.
And if it doesn’t come from his mouth, it loses all effect.

Interesting.  We don’t need to see the figures or the charts, all we need is for the only person in the entire world that understands improvement authorities to weave a tapestry with his silver tongue. Nobody else is fit to make a statement regarding the status of the CCIA.

I had a good friend that was the head accountant for a multi-national corporation. Tony always asked new job applicants one question: “What does two plus two equal?”Tony explained to me that there was only one correct answer: “What do you want it to equal?”. You figures lie, and liars figure. No Jack, the public does not really need Don Rainear to explain the numbers.  We need to see the numbers themselves. We need to see the numbers with a basis for comparison, for instance, along with the numbers of every other improvement authority in the state. We need to see the numbers in historical context.  And we do not need to have them filtered through the mouth of an insider that was appointed by Lou Magazzu with the sole purpose of coming to a pre-ordained conclusion.

There was a funny one-liner further down the Ben Column todayin response to a letter on a different topic:

Caroline, did you know the City of Bridgeton dumped raw sewage transported on barges into the Delaware Bay for two years in the 1980s?

Interesting. Bridgeton dumped its raw sewage into the bay, from the port of Bridgeton in the 1980’s? Wasn’t Don Rainear the mayor of Bridgeton in the 1980’s, and hence in charge of the port of Bridgeton?


12 Responses to All we need is Rainear’s word…

  1. Jerry says:

    ask Wuli what one random fact + another random fact = and he will tell you “what ever makes Lou look bad” . You don’t need to work for a multi national company to see that one coming.

  2. whatup says:

    The problem is the total lack of objectivity on his part and taking the words of his so called anonymous insider information as fact. There have been a few occasions where actual facts are used but the majority of info. here is pure conjecture and the rampant conspiracy theory of politics.

  3. WuLi says:

    whatup – I could take your rant against anonymous posters if you were man enough to post under your real name – until you post under your real name, shut your stupid mouth about other anonymous sources!

  4. whatup says:

    Wow you are so courageous Wuli! Just said that if YOUR sources are legitimate what are they possibly afraid of? Oh that’s right, they were supposedly in the backroom but now are afraid to identify themselves because the BIG bad wolf Magazzu will “get” them! NOT! Such courageous former insiders!

  5. WuLi says:

    whatup – what are YOU so afraid of? I am PROOF, and Linda Forbes is PROOF, and many others are PROOF that if you dare speak up against Magazzu, he will misuse his position to attempt to destroy your life. There are many people that will attest that Lou will use his power to have people fired, to destroy their families, to get even in whatever way he can. This is FACT – and the very fact that you are not man enough to identify yourself PROVES it.

  6. whatup says:

    And you are different from Magazzu with the venom that you spew on this website about anyone and everyone that is in any way connected to Magazzu even remotely? It is one thing to disagree but often times you do it a fashion that is nothing more than personal attacks about people you have admitted that you have never even met. You than become exactly what you accuse Magazzu of. Most of your criticisms are based upon your so called insider information. Did you ever stop to think for one second that their information is based upon their individual perspective and carries it’s own predjudice and bias. Two sides to every coin you know. Two wrongs don’t make a right and all that good stuff. Just think you need to be more objective at times and less personal in your objections. Especially the times you only have information from one side of the story. Perhaps a toning down of the rhetoric would better serve all of us.

  7. WuLi says:

    whatup – I am glad that for ONCE you are actually getting involved in a real discussion on this forum.

    You have some points, there are three sides to every story, your side, my side, and the truth.

    So, in keeping with your newly discovered spirit of communication and dialogue, please do use this forum to write about the other side of the story.

    Did G. coach you on your post, it sounds exactly like a conversation I recently had…

  8. whatup says:

    Have no clue as to who G. is or may be. Just think that toned down rhetoric would be more beneficial to any meaningful dialogue. Pardon my skepticism but I am hopeful that ALL sides of the story are eventually vetted. Think perhaps you may put too much reliance on some of your insider sources. My guess is that they may have some ax to grind regarding many of the topics.

  9. WuLi says:

    I had a (actually many) conversations with some close to Lou, and he said – actually the same words – what you said.

    I make few apologies for who I am, for my style, etc… I am up front and don;’t pull punches. However, I don’t make it personal until the other person does – and the fact is Lou was the first to take it into the dirt.

    And I am not the only person to fall victim to Lou’s revenge to anyone that would dare speak against him publicly. Hence their anonymity, and my promise to keep that trust. When they are ready to come out, they will.

    You call it an axe to grind – I call it fair game. if Lou wants to attempt to destroy people’s lives simply because they interfere with his personal ego trip, then he needs to understand that this site exists solely because of him. The people he trampled now have a voice, and I am proud to be one of them that has nothing to lose, and will proudly sign my name to my own rants.

    Like me, hate me, I have never been in a popularity contest. Agree with me, disagree – that is never a deal breaker. Actually I prefer for people to disagree and offer up a good reason for doing so. It makes fo interesting conversation.

  10. whatup says:

    Again and for the last time, just think your rhetoric can sometimes be a bit over the top and not just about Magazzu. You seem to target anyone and everyone even remotely connected to Magazzu. I have read what I believe to be some very very unfair characterizations of some very decent people. Think you need to be aware of some wreckless collateral damage and the fact that ultimately it diminshes your objective.

  11. WuLi says:

    I target people not even remotely connected? Name JUST ONE!

    Everybody that is named on this site has some political connection – anybody that takes a job from Magazzu, and who has contributed in any way is part of the system that is being uncovered here.

    To be fair – they are often part of the larger, corrupt political system that does transcend party lines. However, I am not interested in the larger system, but the one that affects the lives of people in Cumberland County directly, and that we can change if we just raise our voices loud enough.

    I can understand how this would upset you, being one of those recipients.

  12. whatup says:

    Actually I am NOT a recipient but your attacks on many are sometimes very much unwarranted and certainly overstated. Continue if you must but still think at times you do yorself and this site a disservice with some of your very caustic remarks.

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