County Budget Hearings – redux

Lou Magazzu is sure getting a lot of front page coverage of his budget hearings.  This circus side-show will only work to the benefit of the public if the public shows up, armed with facts and direct questions.  You can be sure that Lou will inundate the participants in this so-called public forum with tons of papers filled with numbers. Just remember, figures lie and liars figure. Do not take his word as gospel when these numbers are explained.

Lou is a master of subterfuge. For instance, the paper explains that departments were requested to fire loyal employees…

Cumberland County department heads have been asked to cut back on their budgets once, eliminating about 20 positions and laying off 10 people.

Bear in mind that ten employees, people with families and mortgages and bills to pay are being sacrificed at the same time that Lou tried to get a part time lawyer, Brendan Kavanaugh (earning $68,000 for less than twenty hours a week) into the pension program paid for by taxpayers.

The county workers can be sacrificed at any cost, just don’t mess with political supporters trying to be set up nice and cozy for the rest of their lives in return for years of unquestioning support of Lou’s juggernaut.


4 Responses to County Budget Hearings – redux

  1. YOUHAVE TO GO says:

    well who put this butt hole in office. that goes with the rest of them they ALL must go. Nov. is far away we have to start NOW.

  2. Lucky the Dog says:

    Start NOW what? How bout starting to look for a candidate with a clue. That would be good start.

  3. JamesRSauro says:

    I would have to believe that everyone knows this is a joke. The article is right. Anyone can produce figures. The public employees will pay for Poor Leadership and very bad decision less of course you were on the benefiting end of the deal. Let’s hire people who don’t have a clue. Let’s give the contract to the highest bidder. Let’s let law suits go past their time line. Need I continue. In it all you and I will pay for this.

  4. Curious says:

    Even worse is spending money for a ten year plan. Magazzu cannot control himself in year to year budgets. That is how this contrived budget “crisis” happened. So the answer is to spend $80,000 plus on a ten year plan?
    I am curious that not one newspaper saw the senselessness of this dog & pony show.

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