It’s called “Lou Math”

How can you tell when Lou Magazzu is lying? His lips move. This was quite apparent when Lou recently tried to justify nixing the county’s open space study due to its cost.  Lou maintained that it was going to cost $90,000. He said that the county only had $60,000 set aside for the study, and that the county could not find alternate sources of income. Of course, lou never told us that the county never even pursued alternate sources, since Lou is looking for any reason to kill an open space plan.

So, after Lou lies to the public about the $90,000 cost if an open space plan, and then comes back and lies again saying it will cost $78,000, we find out that there was an RFP submitted in the amount of $52,000, significantly less than the $60,000 that is available.

There were about a dozen groups who responded to a request for proposal to complete the study.

The lowest offered to do the study for $52,000. and the highest offered to do it for $135,000.

Call it lying, call it “Lou Math”, whatever name you put on it, the voters of Cumberland County deserve to be told the truth. Why, if there are bids coming in at $52,000 is Lou Magazzu hell-bent on spending $78,000? Could it be, perhaps, that the low bidder never contributed to the Cumberland county Democratic Organization? After all, it does seem apparent that it is requisite to be a contributor in order to get any county job.


7 Responses to It’s called “Lou Math”

  1. Matt Dunn says:

    (From page two of the story)

    Brewer said the experience of the respondents varied, which is why the county went for the middle ground.

    “The highest bidders were saying they would set us up with a full-blown county parks system,” he said. “The lowest said, Sure, we’ll do an open space study. What is it?

  2. Calhoun says:

    I would want to know which firm came in with the low bid and see the proposal before accepting Brewer’s characterization.

  3. WuLi says:

    Calhoun, hopefully the Freeholders will have the minutes of the latest meeting posted online soon, and we will be able to see for ourselves. However, it would have been nice for the press to have included that info in their initial reporting of the story.

  4. WuLi says:

    “”The highest bidders were saying they would set us up with a full-blown county parks system,” he said. “The lowest said, Sure, we’ll do an open space study. What is it? ”

    I want to see where in the proposal the applicant asked that question (or made any representation even close to that effect).

    If they have no experience whatsoever, then there is justification to disqualify them on those grounds. However, I would be discouraged if I found that a county employee disparaged an applicant by fabricating a scenario that may not have occurred.

  5. Guess-Who says:

    Does Cumberland County need the Full-Blown County Parks System Study within the Open Space Plan at $135,000?

    Could/Would/Should a study SOLVE alot of the Issues within Our County, Recreation Speaking that is, with this Investment into an Open Space PLAN?

    What are the Benefits other than Promised Funding from the State of NJ into Crafting an Open Space Plan?
    I know the Obvious Reasons of Preserving Land & Habitats,What else will IT do for 156,000+ CC Residents?

    Are these Open Space Dollars[Funding] still Available from the State of NJ or have these Funds been Frozen to Help Balance the State Budget?

    We (The Citizens/Tax-Payers of CC)will get WHAT we Pay Fore that is for Sure!

    There has to be a LIST with the RFP’s & WHAT these Co. Proposed to Do [Detailed] to Preserve Our County with an Open Space Plan?

    $78,000 is going to bring WHAT to Who or Whom?

    To the Freeholders reading this on MW:
    It is TIME too make some very Difficult & Tough CHOICES.
    The County’s $4-8 Million Dollar Budget Shortfall Demands that Actions to REDUCE Spending are First & Foremost.

    Checks and Balance make the County a Better Place

  6. Calhoun says:

    Carl is correct. Before we go accepting Brewer’s rather disparaging remark regarding the low bidder, we need to know who that bidder was, what their qualifications are, and what their proposal said. Obviously they didn’t ask, “What’s an open space study?”

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