CCIA cuts transportation

In the News this morning, Don Rainear makes his first cut of a peripheral program hosted by the CCIA, and cuts one job.

The Cumberland County Improvement Authority’s board of directors will consider eliminating a program administered by the CCIA that provides transportation to and from work for welfare recipients.

The Job Access and Reverse Commute (JARC) program, partially funded through a federal transportation grant, gives welfare recipients and low-income people a means to obtain and maintain employment in areas with serious public transportation needs.

The program, which oversaw 19,200 passenger trips in 2009 to and from work destinations in Cumberland County, was estimated to cost the CCIA $324,441 in 2010.

Cumberland County, having the highest unemployment in the state and the worst public transportation infrastructure, now will excacerbate matters by making it impossible for Welfare recipients that actually want to work to get to and from work.

A scenario: you are a single mom (Cumberland County also has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the state) and you are trying to do the right thing. You don’t live in town, and even could you afford to buy a car there is no way you could possibly afford New jersey’s instance insurance rates – so you rely on public transportation. the problem, NJ Transit does not stop anywhere near your home – this is true if you live in any of the townships – nor does it stop near your place of employment.

That is where JASC comes in – providing safe and reliable transport for those that do want to work rather than become entrenched in the Welfare system. Until now – Don Rainear see an easy savings. And Lou Magazzu and company will spin this, knowing that “Welfare” is a dirty word – “who cares if a service to one of those scumbags is cut?”

The result?  CCIA saves some of their surplus, but Cumberland County’s unemployment numbers increase, and families are hurt even more.


4 Responses to CCIA cuts transportation

  1. Curious says:

    The people being hurt are same people Maggazzu and company round up with free transportaion to vote for them. That is what Todd Edwards does for his no show CCUA job. It is what Velez does for his big pay no show welfare board job. There is BIG money to be made in poverty. Except for the truly needy.
    Rainear and friends know that they will still be able to prey on the poor, uneducated voter. Free trans portation on Nov.2, 2010 to the polls courtesy of Lou Magazzu, Don Rainear, Jose Velez, Todd Edwards.
    The rest of the year they can walk to work.

  2. WesternDigital says:

    Buy 20 Hyundais and let them car pool.

  3. LobsterClaws says:

    Using simple math, it cost the CCIA $17 for a single ride for a single person. That’s inefficient if not an abuse of taxpayer money.

  4. WuLi says:

    About par for a taxi ride from one of the townships into one of the three main cities inthe county….

    However, Lobster has a point. There certainly dies appear to be an indifference to fiscal responsibility when “overhead” exceeds the actual cost of providing the services.

    But it cannot be denied that if one has to rely on public transportation in the county to get to work or essential services you are at a severe disadvantage.

    I challenge everyone on this forum to find a NJ Transit schedule, and try to figure out how your would get to work if you had to. I did this a few months ago, and it is not easy. Taking public transport will add two to three hours to your work day.

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