Magazzu embarrasses himself and disrespects Frank LoBiondo

Frank LoBiondo delivered the State of the Region address to the Vineland Chamber of Commerce yesterday at the Ramada. Both The News of Cumberland County and the Press of Atlantic City covered the event.

At the end the session was open for questions. That is when a really embarrassing thing occurred, which both news reports touched upon, but neither does it justice. Lou Magazzu stood up, and turned his back to LoBiondo, and delivered a tirade to the crowd blasting the guest speaker. Now it does not matter what side of the political fence you stand, Frank was an invited guest speaker.

The version of events as reported by Matt Dunn:

LoBiondo’s remarks lead Cumberland County Freeholder Director Lou Magazzu to respond, criticizing the congressman for his vote authorizing the war in Iraq and other policies under Bush that lead to the nation’s large debt.
The remarks, made while LoBiondo was taking questions form the public, lead to a heated exchange.
“To put some reality in the discussion, prior to Bush II, we had a surplus,” said Magazzu, who had been sitting directly in front of LoBiondo during the address. “Your vote to go to Iraq as well as national budgets we couldn’t pay for I think was a mistake.
“The thing about the two parties in Washington I don’t like — it’s Democrats’ borrow and spend versus Republicans just spending.”
The freeholder director urged LoBiondo to resist both “reactionary Republicans” and “crazy liberals.”
In response, LoBiondo grew impassioned and began pointing directly at Magazzu.
“We’re dealing with the here and now. That’s the reality, Lou,” said LoBiondo. “I believe this nation is on a disastrous march. And now Democrats are losing votes because of the policies of extremists in your party.
“If these policies aren’t turned around I think we’re heading for serious trouble.”

What both reports left out was the very small contingent of supporters that applauded when Lou spoke as opposed to half the room giving LoBiondo a standing ovation when he spoke.  Lou’s first mistake was to promote an anti-business stance in a room full of business owners.

His second mistake was to act in a childish, aggressive and demeaning manner to a senior member of the House of Representatives when that person was an invited guest and speaker. I don’t care that he disagrees with LoBiondo’s stance on policy, but there is a proper way to discuss differences at a public forum and that is not to viciously attack with a pre-written script in an attempted public ambush. But, I have come to expect no better from Lou – he is unfit for public service, always has been, always will be.


7 Responses to Magazzu embarrasses himself and disrespects Frank LoBiondo

  1. GoGoCumCo says:

    You’re right, no surprise. And unfortunately there will be no surprise when he gets re-elected again in three years if he wants it. No one pays attention to WHAT he does, they just know the name and when they get into the voting both they say, “Oh, I’ve heard of him…..(click).” A sad commentary on the electoral process…..

  2. Curious says:

    Iam Curious that someone as immature and rude as Magazzu has been elected 5 times.
    I am Curious that Cumberland County allows a person so disrespectful of others to represent them.
    Iam Curious how church leaders can support such un Christian behavior.
    Iam Curious why the Democrat party holds him up as their leader.
    Iam Curious how long before this rude,crude,immature,little thug is indicted.
    Iam Curious how all the democrats who have aided this petty little cowardly thug will explain their participation when he takes the party down with him.
    Yes,Iam Curious

  3. Calhoun says:

    My scorecard gives Magazzu a C, but LoBiondo an F on the exchange. Magazzu actually made valid points. The out of balance budgets during the Bush years, thanks in large part to waging two wars all the while slashing taxes for the wealthiest Americans — all of which “Congressman for Life” (sorry Mark, I am stealing the term you use for our congressman) LoBiondo supported –, causing much of the mess we now find ourselves in. Good for Lou for saying this. He gets a C, however, because the way in which he did it. He should have written a letter to the newspaper stating his case, which actually was quite good. However, upstaging the congressman during a meeting in which the congressman was an invited guest just makes Lou look petulant. So good points, but poor delivery.
    However, LoBiondo gets an F. Besides LoBiondo’s usual “Obama this” and “Obama that” trashing of the president, while offering no real alternatives, he ventured into truly pathetic territory with this quote: “I don’t know how when we’re going to call terrorists ‘terrorists’ — we cannot treat these people as regular criminals. These are evil people. And we’re prosecuting Navy officers for not giving these people cookies and singing lullabies to them.” Bullshit Frank. The only people being considered — and I emphasize considered — for prosecution in the military are those whose interrogation techniques went way over the line into areas in which any standard definition of torture would apply. (The only successful recent torture prosecution I am aware of was of Lewis Welshofer Jr. back in 2006 for negligent homicide. I won’t go into the details but will only point out that the military court’s punishment was 60 days in the barracks and a few thousand dollar fine.) Yet, Congressman for Life chose to use this difficult issue as a partisan wedge.

  4. Gilgamesh says:

    LoBiondo gets an F. Besides LoBiondo’s usual “Obama this” and “Obama that” trashing of the president, while offering no real alternatives…”.

    Sounds exactly like Our Lord and Savior Barack Obama’s plan. He is 25% of the way through his first term and has yet to do anything of substance… other than blame Bush. How’s the closing of our prison on Cuba going? Are we out of Iraq? Afganistan? How’s our economy? How about that Pesky unemployment thing? The budget? Is it balanced yet? How about that mess with our socialization of health care? I know, despite Bush being in Texas since January of 2009, it’s all his fault, right?

    But onto the real problem for this county. Lou could claim to be the second gunman on the grassy noll and he will still have that seat for as long as he wants it. Why? Cumberland County has a collective IQ lower than mold.

    He can say what he wants. Do what he wants. because no one, even the residents, cares about this county.

  5. WoefulIrony says:

    Stop the partisan bickering. Both of them are wrong in this instance. LoBiondo is wrong because he’s voting lock-stock with Republicans on these issues, without trying to reach out and find a deficit neutral approach, but that doesn’t mean Magazzu is right to criticize him here, there is a time and a place for that criticism. LoBiondo does need to realize that his votes for the Iraq war and Bush policies were unfunded mandates that have put our nation into further financial straights; they should have held the course with a balanced budget after the Clinton years. I think this has to do with “starve the beast” mentality, thinking that if government just can’t fund itself then it’ll shrink but guess what- the government can print money and fund its interests ANYWAY. “Starving the beast” ends up starving us all. No one seems to remember any of the recessions of the Reagan and Bush I years…

  6. Bloggers lets get with the present.Just in the last year how many billions of dollars was spent in Washington that did nothing for the middle class.Who voted on it?In the last year where has our money gone in Cumberland County that the hard working middle class paid?Larger Government,out of control spending,who voted for that?I can remember when Warren Robinson said lets start a brown bag party.When the bag is empty we stop spending.So what do we have to do?We cut the size of government.How do we do that easey.Why do we need all these deptments.First example D.E.P.We have them at the federal level,the state level,and some have them at the county level.Just look at how those Deptments and all that waste.Welfare Dept.dose everyone need cell phones big plazma t.v’s.Also if you are collecting welfare fore life you should have to continue your education because the welfare to work didn’t work.What we need to do is Government has to get back to basics and stop out of control spending.

  7. Gary Stein says:

    Hey, I’m neutral on this one! How I happened on this site? Answer, surfing the internet. Here’s a coincidence, one week ago, Lou Maguzzu was just a name mentioned in a AC Press article where my name appeared. I’m LoBiondo’s main opposition, I’m an outsider, and these Dem and Rep machine operatives- I don’t know who the heck they are? That’s a plus in my book!

    Anyway; coincidence number 2, Lou made my web site just a few days prior to me seeing this.

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