Lou’s Shared Services Coordinator

I just found the following in my inbox – edited for clarity.

As we all know Joe Veight is the County Shared Services Coordinator. He was also recently appointed to the board of the CCIA to ensure that the deck was totally stacked in Lou Magazzu’s favor. So what do we know about Joe?

Veight was found guilty last week on his illegal apartments. He had agreed to take care of the outstanding issues. He never did. He also failed to show for his next court appearance. [Editor’s note: I have a stack of documents 3/4 inch thick concerning his ongoing battles with the courts, his total disrespect for the law, and letters of recommendation from his tenants accusing him of being a slumlord’s slumlord.]

I understand that the shared service agreement he did for the Fairfield and Downe Township courts blew up in his face. He was the prosecutor for both courts when he did the shared services agreement. What a hard lift for his $55,000 a year. The administrative courts said he could not benefit himself with the shared service agreement he brokered. Unethical? The towns were ordered to hire a new prosecutor. [Editor’s note: Only a Lou Magazzu crony could be so audacious.]

His only other accomplishment was a shared services agreement between Cumberland County & Downe for CFO services for Downe Township.  The staff at the county  CFO office was stretched too thin to handle the extra responsibilities. They had to hire part time staff to handle the extra responsibilities. No savings there.

Of course there are no savings – Lou Magazzu is not looking to save money anywhere, he is looking solely to expand his power base. If the community benefits somewhat from one of Lou’s power grabs, we can count ourselves fortunate. He does not care about the voters, he does not care about anyone but himself, and every move and every machination is about expanding his control. Let’s never lose sight of that fact.


3 Responses to Lou’s Shared Services Coordinator

  1. ignatz says:

    Wow, meaning Veight was operating illegal apartments in the same town that he was the Appointed Prosecutor in, violating the very same laws that he was sworn to uphold? Upholding the law, ethics, and morals apparently don’t mean a thing to those who are in the right camps.

  2. GoGoCumCo says:

    I was unaware we even had a Shared Services Coordinator. You’d think with only three actual cities and then the rest being areas just prime for shared services that he’d be a busy guy. But I guess I’d have been wrong. Guess he was too busy with the upkeep of those apartment rentals…

  3. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    Some animals are more equal than others.

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