Lou tries to cut the baby in half.

Do you remember the Sunday School (or Sabbath school) story of wise King Solomon and the baby? Two woman appeared before the king, each claiming the child was theirs. King Solomon ordered a sword be brought before him to cut the child in two, and each mother could have half.

The Child never was cut in half, the good mother said to allow the bad mother to have the child, and that was how Solomon knew who the real mother was.

I am not inferring Lou is wise, but he is cutting the child in half pretending that it is a solution. As reported today in The News of Cumberland County:

Cumberland County freeholders planned Thursday to award a contract for construction of a new office for the Cumberland County prosecutor at the former Vine Street School.

Instead, Freeholder Director Lou Magazzu came to the freeholder board with the idea of splitting the $10 million-plus project into two parts, allowing more than one company to be involved in separate elements of the project.

Lou is hell-bent on sending our tax money to Camden via this Camden firm.  All bidders were pre-qualified, and he still tried to find reasons to hire the most expensive firm, one that is based in Camden County, and who will hire Camden workers.  Why does Lou hate Cumberland County so much? we have the highest unemployment in the state, and he still refuses to do everything possible to ensure jobs here!


One Response to Lou tries to cut the baby in half.

  1. JamesRSauro says:

    Money, Money, Money, Money. Power, Power, Power.

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