Joann D’Arrigo speaks out again

In today’s Ben column:

“Seems like our freeholders just can’t make themselves award this contract to the lowest bidders.
“In the face of flack and controversy over awarding the contract to a firm that is a quarter of a million dollars higher, they declined to do the right thing and said they were going to have the contract re-bid.
“The freeholders have already paid the Camden firm over $200,000 for a ‘study.’
“Now, they are trying to figure out how they can award the main contract to this highest bidder.
“This is not fair to the two lower bidders, and we wonder where the freeholders’ concern with saving money went.’’
— Joann D’Arrigo

With Lou Magazzu admitting today that the county would be adding to our insane unemployment roles, people have a right to question these expenditures. Why are we sending Cumberland County tax money to Camden? Why?


2 Responses to Joann D’Arrigo speaks out again

  1. we need help says:


  2. Talk about wasting money? Has anyone notice some of the older Sheriffs cars they have new emblems.on them . Talk about wasting tax payers money you can’t even read them. Let’s see one extra under sheriff, new emblems on older cars, Bob what else did you waste our money on. Was any of that really needed. How much money did you really save the County. I know one Guy who did not spend money foolishly and that was Mike we need him back as Cumberland County Sheriff.

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