Wastewater means DOLLARS for Gloucester County

The county is facing an expensive problem concerning the CCIA (Cumberland County Improvement Authority), and ostensibly uncovered by our hero Don Rainear. Lou Magazzu is repeatedly bringing up former CCIA Director Steve Wymb’s name in vain, despite what I understand is an agreement between both parties not to do so.

Steve has been mum, honoring the agreement that was part and parcel of his departure from the CCIA. Lou has done anything but honor this agreement. Was it a gentleman’s agreement?  If so, that explains it.  Lou is anything but a gentleman.

The problem, as described in the Daily Journal, is thus:

The landfill needs regular pumping because water that seeps in cannot get out due to waterproof lining materials. Most water gathers at the bottom of the landfill.

Wastewater levels at the Deerfield facility are much higher than normal because of unusually abundant snowmelt and rainfall in the past several months. That’s also caused an increase in disposal costs.

That surge concerns the authority, already hurting financially from a deep decline in the amount of waste coming to its landfill.

According to Lou, Wymbs is to blame for the inordinate amount of snowfall this year, and hence the cost in disposing of the waste-water. But let’s put on our tinfoil hats and imagine another scenario.

Lou Magazzu as Freeholder Director as well as Chair of the county Democratic party dictates who gets to run for office, and who doesn’t. His Freeholders are all hand-picked to do his bidding. The Freeholders have say in appointments to both the CCIA and CCUA (Cumberland County Utilities Authority) boards.

Now we know that the CCUA has Vineland and Millville residents in positions even though the authority does not serve either town. Is it possible that the CCUA is refusing to take the CCIA waster water as a way to force the authority to send the expensive process to Lou’s friends in Gloucester County?

We know that Stephen Sweeney, Gloucester County Freeholder and a top Democrat in the state gave Lou $6,000 for his failed NACo run. Is this just another way to justify giving Cumberland County money to Lou’s political friends in other counties?

It is too early to see how this swindle is going to play out. What we do know is that once again Lou is reaching into Cumberland wallets and sending the money away.


One Response to Wastewater means DOLLARS for Gloucester County

  1. Deep Throat says:

    I found your theory interesting to say the least.
    In reality the story is much more mundane.
    It is a long story.The Tech Education Center tied into the CCUA a number of years ago. The CCIA wanted to tie in through a small force main in conjunction with the Tech Center. This would save the cost of hauling it by truck to Bridgeton. Don Rainear as mayor of Bridgeton, blocked the chance to save county taxpayers & the CCIA money. Part of the reason the CCUA cannot treat the CCIA effluent is that the CCUA continues to recieve an excess of solids(sewer speak) from an industrial user in Bridgeton. This has been a long existing problem. Former Mayor Don Rainear capped the amount the industrial user would pay the city for it’s sewer bill. No incentive to fix the problem , and the city taxpayers have been stuck with the costs for years.
    The CCIA was working on plans to upgrade the pre-treatment plant for several years. This is obvious by the permit almost ready for issuance. The money for construction is in the bonds that Magazzu and Rainear want to kill.
    The reapplication of the leachate onto the landfill is being killed by our old friend Joe Veight. A simple $1,300.00 change order would make the test applications operational. He refuses to sign off on the change order. The CCIA has $3,000,000. invested in the processes. Veight wants to sell the equipment for pennies on the dollar and scrap the project. Remember Magazzu complaining about the process?
    It is that simple. The people who caused the problems are now the ones who will compound the problems. It is the taxpayers who will lose again.
    The other point I would like to make is in relation to the loss of revenue. There were two people associated with the CCIA who knew how to go to the market and get flow to the CCIA(trash speak).Due to Mr. Magazzu’s efforts, neither are there anymore.
    So the loss of revenue again, is caused by incompetent people who have no ability to recognize the skills of others. It is costing this county millions every year.

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