What happened at the county?

Oh rumors, oh rumors!

All three newspapers have been asking the same question – what happened at the county yesterday?

Word has it that subpoenas were delivered to the Health Department and the Administrative Offices.  One of the thing s being subpoenaed were certain email records. I wonder what gems might be found in Lou Magazzu’s emails?

We are on top of this story.  The first subpoenas were issued over two weeks ago in Vineland, apparently, and now they hit Bridgeton.


18 Responses to What happened at the county?

  1. mango says:

    As I hear it, certain Democrat officials are lawyering up. True, Wuli?

  2. Hang 'em High says:

    meet me in st louie louie

  3. Guess-Who says:

    Cumberland Manor RECORDS have been subpoenaed by Criminal Justice (Ins. Fraud Division).

  4. WuLi says:

    I heard that two Democrat insiders, lawyers, lawyered up. If that is true, then there must be more than just a subpoena for the manor.

    Yesterday I heard all sorts of rumors – but you know how rumors are.

  5. Guess-Who says:

    Could you elaborate with the members of Magazzuwatch as to the RUMORS that you have Heard?

  6. WuLi says:

    I think some rumors are best left to lie. If there is to be found any veracity, I will be sure to report.

  7. Deep Throat says:

    My sources say it is for HSAC ,Human Services Advisory Council. The agency that was responsible to oversee the funds Mr. Magazzu just had to give to Tri-County. Where did all the money go?

  8. WuLi says:

    Deep – Yes, I heard that one, too. Apparently the advisory board did not want the money to go to Tr-County due to what was perceived as shady business, and Lou funneled the money anyway. The amount was over $200,000, most of it slated to go into people’s wallets rather than to programs.

  9. Deep Throat says:

    They were correct in their concerns. It appears that the money disappeared. There was poor controls on the expenditures. It appears little, if any of the funds were ever used for their intended purposes. No internal controls at Tri-County.

  10. Curious says:

    Now,I am Curious. What does Vineland have to do with the Manor? More here than meets the eye.Should be enough to make us all Curious.
    Happy Easter all.

  11. Calhoun says:

    For those of us who have been frustrated for years with the crap going on in Cumberland County, this investigation may be what just what the dr. ordered. Like Wuli, I am leery of reporting on scuttlebutt but these subpoenas have created a lot of scuttlebutt. I hope the Christie (Governor “Glass Jaw” according to our Freeholder Director) administration and its AG office plans to spend a lot of time down here. I can see Lou now bragging about the investigation bringing stimulus dollars to the county as the AG investigators start living out of hotels down here. Lou may finally be bringing the stimulus he promised, but he may regret it.

  12. WuLi says:

    Curious – Vineland has little to do with the manor – those subpoenas, as I am told, are related to another matter.

    My ears are to the ground, I think I hear a train a’coming…

    Is it true that two local attorneys “lawyered up”? Just more scuttlebutt!

  13. Mango and Wuli. Do you think that the birds of a feather will still flock together or will it be like a run away train every man for themselve.If all fails they may chase the moles out of there holes.I don’t think there is any place to hide.GREED GREED GREED I hope that this is the year that Cumberland County gets cleaned up.The troff is empty, the well is dry,and the man is looking and you can’t hide.

  14. Calhoun says:

    While Carl has had his ears to the ground listening to the train, I have had my head in the air looking around. And you know what I see? A whole bunch of turds flying through the air. You know where they’re headed? Right towards the fan. Estimated time of shit hitting the fan: soon very soon.

  15. grasshopper says:

    So what do you think will happen from all of this? What haver you heard Calhoun that makes you think that the it will hit the fan?

  16. Calhoun says:

    Grasshopper, I don’t profess to know exactly what is going to happen. In response to your question about what I have heard, I will tell you what I have not heard. There have been several noteworthy announcements of late (Boeing, etc.) in the County, and I have not seen nor heard Lou at any of them. Normally, he is at every noteworthy event; now he is harder to find than Waldo in that kids’ game. I have not heard that Lou is away on extended vacation and can only assume it is for other reasons.

    Back on 7 March of 2009, I made my first post on this site. In that post I highlighted what I thought the major problems were and I made a prediction that things would end badly for Lou, just as they did for Joseph Ferriero, a Bergen County Democratic boss, who would eventually end up being indicted and convicted. Read the article I cited in that post (http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/02/opinion/02fri4.html?_r=1) and tell me if Mr. Ferriero doesn’t remind you of Magazzu. I didn’t make that prediction because I can see into the future; I made it because that is the way these things almost always end.
    Happy Spring Grasshopper.

  17. Calhoun, I read that article it sure sounds like him.A phone in each hand? yes indeedy.About buying lunch don’t think so.About your prediction I think alot of people were thinking along the same lines.

  18. grasshopper says:

    Don’t give up

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