Lou’s Tax Increase

Yes – last year (it was an election year for Lou Magazzu) Lou did what he is known for – made a bad decision. He kept the county tax rate flat (kudos, when it is done correctly). Now the county faces a $7 MILLION shortfall.

A property tax increase, more layoffs, mandatory furloughs and more program cuts are all in consideration as Cumberland County government looks for a way to trim another $3 million to $4 million in spending. The budget likely will be introduced in June at about $140 million.

Lou walked into the election knowing damned well that the county would face a $4-8 MILLION shortfall this year. He LIED to the public, acting as if he had managed the county in a fiscally responsible way. How did he manage to not raise taxes last year? Rather than do the proper thing, which is to reign in spending (Lou continued to shower incompetent friends with county money, and allowed his friends to accept perks like health insurance and stipends for no-show jobs) Lou allowed spending on the county level to accelerate, and instead took money from the surplus.

Now facing imminent crisis, Lou is allowing people to lose jobs while he and he enjoys  taxpayer subsidized health insurance.  Lou needs to learn from the example of the Millville City Commissioners, all of who have agreed to forgo their option in the city health plan. They earn a piddling $7000 a year for the aggravation of being under the gun every two weeks, and they grieve over lost jobs and cuts to services that are necessary to keep the budget in line. And they are sharing in the pain.  Lou on the other hand makes sure that he enjoys all of the perks he is entitled to, because Lou believes in entitlements. And if the entitlements  are paid by the taxpayers, so much the better.

It us understandable that the current fiscal crisis would bring out the creative thinking necessary to reduce costs – but it is unfortunate that in over a decade Lou has managed to double county spending, and also almost double the county taxes paid by residents. If he had managed the county properly the past 12 years, the current crisis might not hurt as much as it is going to hurt the people (many are probably his political enemies) that will be losing their jobs.

A positive thing to come from this is the concept of a four-day work week. It has been done in California and Ohio with exceptional results. Longer work days provide access to county services to more people without the inconvenience of having to take time off from work. Most employees enjoy the three-day weekends, and the county saves a ton of money on overhead by having county buildings closed an extra day. No paying for heat, or air conditioning. The City of Millville is considering the same this coming year, along with a small cut in hours which will add up to significant savings overall.

Hopefully Lou and his merry band of puppets will do the right thing here, and drop their own health benefits as well as eliminating all perks for all part time employees as is done in the real world. It’s time that county taxpayers get relief from subsidizing Lou Magazzu’s friends with perks and no-bid contracts on our dime.

17 Responses to Lou’s Tax Increase

  1. Deep Throat says:

    Magazzu lowered the rate last year by 4 cents.
    Each penny equals approx. $850,000.00.
    This reduced the funds to the county by $3,400,000.00 last year.
    It also reduced the revenue by $3,400,000.00. this year.
    The total for the two years is $6,800,000.00.
    Now who really created the budget crisis?

  2. Deep Throat says:

    I am surprised that the Millville commissioners are being congratulated for not taking the health benefits from the city of Millville.
    Jim Quinn gets his health benefits from the sewer users of the Bridgeton area for attending one meeting a month compliments of the freeholder board.
    Dale Finch is expecting an appointment as reward for assisting in the removal of Mr. Wymbs at the CCIA.
    This will also include health benefits compliments of the freeholders.
    The other three deserve credit for not taking the benefits. Quinn And Finch are just more of the same.

  3. Calhoun says:

    Righto! No kudos for Quinn or Finch (if said county job comes through). Also, while the commissioners’ giving up the health insurance perk is a good thing, unanswered is whether they are going to be taking the buyout money (I think it’s a few thousand dollars). That question needs to be answered.

  4. we need help says:

    What w have to do is get rid of two Ds that are running tobe return to office and replace them with the Rs. That will not should put Lou in this place !! Then keep it up until it’s Lous turn. Oh we must also get rid of the Sheriff along with the Two not one Undersheriff’s. He has detroyed the department, just ask any of the Officers.

  5. GoGoCumCo says:

    Interesting how the tax cuts prior to the election just about equal the current budget shortfall. I’m sure the answer from Lou and Company will be to increase the ranks of the unemployed from the county worker pool…and then increase their taxes too !!

    Meanwhile, how much does his buddy at Tri-County get from the county? Or some of the other social services that the democrats feel are SO necessary? I’m not saying we turn our collective backs on the poor, but those who WORK are suffering so that the same level of service can be given to those who DO NO WORK as has been given in good economic times……..WHY?? Because they are Lou’s voting base….

  6. we need help says:

    These are the same buddys he has at Tri County, they are the one that they transport to the polls, give them food and other items so they can vote for them. I bet you if the R’s did the same they will cry.

  7. Curious says:

    I am Curious how the sheriff and the surrogate ran on a platform of saving taxpayers money. Now I am Curious why they are taking health benefits from the county when the taxpayers are paying for their benefits from the previous government jobs they retired from.
    I am Curious how much they really care about saving taxpayers money. Taking benefits they do not even need.

  8. twistingaway says:

    I’am wandering were are the D’s going to go and eat this year when campaining.The last two years they spent alot of time at the Corn Bread House in Gouldtown.I learned something very interesting last week.They have been closed and I was told they had gotton a loan from the empowerment zone.Also I was told that up the street going towards Millville on the left there is a church and day care.That is supposely owned by the same people.In 2008 Nov. election there was a big Democrat sign dead in front of that building.In the 2009 Nov. election the Dems.big sign was off to the left facing the road.Dose anyone see anything wrong with this picture ,if all is true.I was also told that The corn Bread House use to make lunch for the day care. Dose anyone know how accrate this is.I wish them all the best,that was a nice clean place to eat.

  9. HELP says:

    Hey Lou are you going to let the Sheriff hire the soon to be retire Vineland Police Sgt. V.S. ????

  10. aislebedamned says:

    I also heard, from several sources, that the sheriff is hiring a retiring Vineland officer as an investigator. The man campaigned on a platform that included cutting the Chief Sheriff’s Officer slot to save money, he then hired Dennis D as a second undersheriff. The department operated with one undersheriff since 1994, but now this man needs two! To add insult to injury he now wants to hire another buddy who will also be collecting a nice pension from Vineland. No wonder the moral is so low at the department.

  11. GoGoCumCo says:

    I wonder how many entry level officers could have been hired for the salary of the 2nd undersheriff or the rumored “investigator.” At least you’d having people working for their salaries………

  12. JamesRSauro says:

    Awww it’s feels good to vent on this column. We all know who and what the problems are, don’t we. I could go on for hours and relate many stories and suggestions on how to solve these financial problems. The problems will never be solved until people start working together to get new people into office that are going to make a difference. It’s time to plan. We have the key to this situation. We need to use it.

  13. Annoyed says:

    The county wants to spend miilions on a parking garage for the courthouse. They have a whole parking lot across the the street at the bank they bought. It is almost empty everyday. They need to get people to park there before they spend our money on a parking garage.

  14. we need help says:

    I was just told that the Sheriff of Cumberland County is on a trip [IN THE WEST COAST] paid by our tax money. More to come stand by.

  15. we need help says:

    Big Freeholders meeting on Thurs. I was told the ALL department heads and union reps. should attend. But I guess the Sheriff is sending his Undersheriff to this meeting. No Dennis it might be old Norman boy. He’s a joke.

  16. GoGoCumCo says:

    The only reason Lou wants all those union and department leaders at the meeting is to deflect blame / responsibility for the remaining $3 million deficit onto them. He can’t have that type of responsibility hanging over his head. None of them should go, they’re being set up.

  17. […] The dance goes on for 10 months. But magically in October, just in time for the now moved municipal election, Vice Mayor Derella jiggles the numbers and delivers a zero-tax increase budget. Woo hoo! He and the rest of the Three Js ride to re-election a la Lou Magazzu. […]

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