County to axe more employees

While Lou Magazzu and Jane Jannarone enjoy taxpayer subsidized health benefits, and while Lou’s friend Todd Edwards continues to get healthcare and payola for the job he rarely showed up for last year, the axe is falling on as many as 55 dedicated county employees.

Cumberland County freeholders may lay off an additional 55 county employees in an effort to balance the county’s 2010 FY budget.

This is on top of 11 employees who were previously fired and 22 unfilled positions that were eliminated.

Part-timers still enjoy benefits at taxpayer expense. Lou still finds ways to reward his lawyer friends rather than cut legal expenses in half by creating a legal department in the county. But county employees will be adding to our highest in the state unemployment rolls.

Don’t think that these layoff’s will prevent yet another tax increase. The only time we don’t see a tax increase is when Lou is running for reelection, and then we see a larger increase the year after to make up for his recklessness.

The Cumberland County Freeholder Board gave the public its first glimpse of the county’s 2010 FY budget on Thursday, which would include a tax increase of 2 cents or 1.5 cents.

However, despite massive tax increases over the span of a decade, Lou has continued to spend like money was going out of style – more than doubling the county’s expenditures in that same decade. You can rest assured that lou’s cohorts will be safe int heir public jobs, as lower echelon workers face the unemployment line.


12 Responses to County to axe more employees

  1. This county can knows how to waste money.Has anyone noticed the sheriffs cars since the new sheriff took over.I guess he dosen’t know that the county has a money problem.Most of the cars have a new design in cluding the lettering.Tell me how that new lettering helps fight crime.Oh I forgot he took a pay cut to save the tax payers money.How much of a saving did he turn back to the tax payers of Cumberland County since he has been in office.

  2. we need hepl says:

    NONE !!! I KNOW

  3. Matt Dunn says:

    Read the whole story. Part-timers are losing their health benefits.

  4. Matt Dunn says:

    However, those part-timers do not include CCUA employees.

  5. WuLi says:

    Thanks Matt, Proves once again, I should read to the very end of the story!

    CCUA is a quasi-governmental agency, so the freeholders have no direct say over benefits, etc. However, that has never prevented it from being used as a perk in political cronyism.

  6. GoGoCumCo says:

    It really is a shame what goes on in this county. I read where Salem County got it together and passed a budget without major cuts. I don’t know much about things over there, but I would guess they don’t have a million people with their hands in the cookie jar like over here.

  7. WuLi says:

    Oh, and Matt – I will believe the part-timer cuts when I see it. Lou promised to “look into it” last year. I think it is something that he is wishing would go away, sort of like this website!

  8. Deep Throat says:

    WuLi the freeholders DO have direct say in the salary & benefits the CCUA board gets. The freeholders appoint the members and set the salary & benefits package. They vote on the salaries.
    The money whoever cames from the Bridgeton area sewer users. None of the money comes from the county budget.
    That is why there is no incentive to take this perk away.

  9. WuLi says:

    CCUA is a hidden tax – and another avenue for Lou to reward cronies such as Todd Edwards with his no-show job.

  10. Deep Throat says:


  11. Still Snowed In says:

    Health benifits? Is Don Olbrich still receiving his no so health benefits from the CCUA while he is also covered by CC and learning on the job??

  12. god help us says:

    well the sheriff just hired one of his pals from VPD

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